What to do when your team sucks

I am a New York Giants fan. I have been since I was little because I was born in New York and my dad grew up in the empire state. I was raised to love the Giants, and watching football has always been one of our favorite family traditions. I’ve been to one Giants game in my life and it was the greatest experience ever. My love for the Giants also comes with a strong hatred for the New England Patriots. Eli Manning has denied Tom Brady two more Super Bowl Championships than he would’ve had if the Giants weren’t around to crush his hopes and dreams. I’m not afraid to admit that I’ll sit in bed and watch YouTube videos of Odell Beckham Jr.’s best catches, or highlights of the 2008 and 2012 Super Bowls we took from the New England Patriots.


Did I mention we beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl?


All bragging aside, this season has proven to be extremely frustrating for the G-men. Eli Manning used to come in clutch and now it seems like every other pass is an interception. To add onto the offensive problem, we also have our best receivers out due to injury, OBJ, and Brandon Marshall. Giants fans have been complaining about Eli for the longest time, and this season is no different. But it’s important to remember just how amazing Eli Manning is.

He was the MVP in both Super Bowls he won, and he’s one of five quarterbacks in history to be given that title twice. He also holds Giants franchise records for most touchdown passes and completed passes in a career, and holds the NFL record for most fourth-quarter touchdown passes in a season. Eli’s also pretty dang tough. He’s started and played in every game of every season since his second year of being a quarterback in 2005.  

In this season, Eli Manning has been sacked 17 times for a loss of 108 yards. He’s only thrown 10 touchdowns this year, but he’s only had five interceptions (shockingly). Eli also only had 3 passes this year that went for more than 40 yards. Although he’s having a bad year, he has his highest passing completion percentage of his entire career so far, currently resting at 64.2 percent.

Although Eli is having a tough season, it isn’t entirely his fault. He can’t throw touchdowns if he has no healthy receivers to pass the ball to. He can’t get the time to throw accurate passes if his offensive line can’t even hold off the opposing team for more than five seconds. I love Eli Manning and I’m still proud to be a Giants fan, even though we are god awful this season.


Despite our terrible 1-7 record, I have faith that with some healthy players and a little pep in Eli’s step, we can once again return to the Super Bowl. It’s important not to give up on your team just because they’re having a bad season (or two… or three). Stay faithful to your team and continue to cheer them on even when they’re at their lowest point.