Hauntings at RWU


Chloe Noyes/The Hawks' Herald

The Barn as well as Cedar Hall have become infamous for being haunted by ghosts.

Rumor has it that Roger Williams University campus has a few buildings that currently have ghosts residing in them. There have been a few bizarre events that have taken place that can only be explained by ghosts.
The William N. Grandgeorge Theater, also known as the Barn, is one of the haunted buildings here. The most well known ghost here, Banqou, haunts this building after freezing to death inside. He even has his own reserved chair on the second floor. Junior and True Crime Club President El Segall has had some experiences specifically in the Barn with Banquo.
“One time I was in a dance performance and I just so happened to briefly look up to the chair [Banquo’s chair on the second floor of the barn] and there was someone sitting in it…it looked like an image of someone sitting there. I saw it very briefly but I did think It was a man,”
Segal does believe that the figure they saw was, in fact, Banqou. The chair that everyone calls “Banquo’s chair” should not be touched or moved because of the cursed events that seem to occur after coming in contact with the chair.
“Someone touched it [the chair] the day before a dance show and the dancer broke their leg…props have broken, lightings gone wrong…” said Segall.
Along with Banquo, there is another spirit known by the name Ophelia. Ophelia haunts the attic after committing suicide there many years ago. Segall has also encountered Ophelia during another one of her performances.
“One of our movements was to look straight up at the ceiling…there were two hands I saw reaching out above me…it was impossible for it to be a person leaning over…all I saw were hands,” Segall said.
Segall is not the only person out there with experiences like these. Many residents of Cedar Hall also claimed to have witnessed strange activity.
Cedar Hall, home to many first year students, is also known to be haunted, in particular by a young girl. The third and fifth floor of the building have a history of toilets flushing in the middle of the night with no one around and dark figures appearing in students’ rooms. This paranormal activity may become more prominent in the next weeks to come due to Halloween. Look out for the ghosts!