Hallmark’s hallmark

Over the Thanksgiving break, I was lucky enough to get to see my friends from home. During one of our conversations, one of my friends said how much she loves Hallmark movies. Naturally, the rest of the group and I laughed, wondering how someone could like such a redundant, predictable format.

Now, I have never watched a Hallmark movie in its entirety, so I cannot judge them too harshly. But essentially what I have gathered is that, in many of the channel’s movies, a busy city girl has to go home for Christmas, much to her dismay, just to find out that her favorite childhood bakery is closing. She meets her dream guy who works at the bakery, and together they host a bake sale and raise just enough money to save the shop in time for Christmas. They fall in love and live happily ever after. Oh, and the bakery owner is Santa.

If this was just one movie plotline or even a few, perhaps I would not pay much attention to the Hallmark channel. But I am pretty confident that I have described an exact Hallmark movie to a tee, and I have never even watched an entire film of theirs. The sheer amount of predictable Hallmark movies that come out of the channel’s factory is both impressive and appalling. I mean, nobody’s favorite movie is a Hallmark movie, I am sure of that. So who are these movies even for?

I feel like Scrooge fulminating such a cheery initiative during Christmas time and I really do not hate Hallmark or what they are doing, I just find it quite humorous (and impressive) that so many similar movies can come out all at once and still appeal to an audience. So to my Hallmark-loving friend and anyone else who enjoys their movies, I hope you relish in all the cheesy glory of the films. As for everyone else, I hope you have a wonderful holiday, enjoying whatever movies make your heart merry.