Screen Time App Sets Safe Boundaries

Screen Time App Sets Safe Boundaries

(NewsUSA) – A consequence of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is that children are spending more time with screens than ever before. Schools request online class meetings, while working parents find themselves turning to other educational sites and games to keep kids entertained during extended time at home.

Although the increase in screen time is expected, and in many ways necessary, the risks of excessive device use remain, and experts remind parents to monitor the nature of children’s screen time and use of digital devices.

The OurPact app offers a family screen time management solution that is now available for free to help families manage technology use during the coronavirus crisis.

OurPact provides web filters, device usage schedules, screen time “allowances,” and the ability to whitelist educational apps during designated “school hours.” Parents set management preferences for each child, and OurPact controls the devices. The app also allows parents to remotely block or grant access to the internet or apps on devices their children are using, which provides an added level of convenience for busy families.

“We recognize that parents need our solution now, more than ever,” says Amir Moussavian, the founder and CEO of OurPact.

“Digital devices will be critical to navigating through this crisis, but so too will be routine, structure, and boundaries – especially for younger kids. This is our way of helping families maintain some balance and stability over the coming months,” he emphasizes.

The OurPact app is designed for parents with children 3 to 13 years of age, and allows parents to help their children understand the safe use of technology and establish healthy online habits.

The app is engineered for easy use, and customer support is available seven days a week.

OurPact is offering its premium subscription service at no charge for three months, and its cross-platform and cross-network design is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Other features of OurPact include blocking texting through preset schedules to avoid distractions during homework or meal times, and a family locator that allows users to find a lost device or keep tabs on children’s safety.

Visit for a demo and to sign up for the OurPact app, or search for OurPact on the Apple store or Google play.