Essential tips on how to juggle school life and a social life

Gabriella Boretti, Herald Reporter

Do you ever wonder how to juggle all of your schoolwork and hang out with your friends at the same time? Do you ever want to go out but have to study for an exam the next day? These questions are everyday thoughts for most college students. Here are some tips on how to juggle school all while gaining the social side of the college experience.

Tip #1: Buy a planner, or as some call it, a lifesaver! Planners allow you to organize your work weeks in advance. Having a planner also sets an agenda of things you know you need to get done within the day, that way you can study during the morning and still hang out with friends at night.

Tip #2: Set goals. Having goals in life is super important in general. If you reach your goals within the week, you will feel organized and successful, allowing your mood to elevate when you’re not doing schoolwork. When you have goals in the back of your mind, you also feel accountable, which makes you more likely to accomplish your goals. Some goals to consider include getting assignments done, studying or going to bed early because you have an 8 a.m. class the next day.

Sophomore Colby Ibootson said he always tries to do his homework right after class.

“I also always try and study a little bit each day before a quiz or a big test,” Ibootson said. “I grind during the week so that the weekend can be mine to do what I want and to be able to hang out with my friends.”

Tip #3: Go to class and pay attention. We all know Zoom university is an applicable saying this year but with that being said it is still important to show up every single day. Aside from that, you are paying for the class that is teaching you about your future profession and will one day help you start a career. Class time also allows for questions on anything that needs to be cleared up and extra help on assignments.

Tip #4: Take a break. This one is very important. Do not jam all of your studying and homework into one day, for 10 hours. If you do, take breaks in between tasks. It is important to let your brain cool down. Have a snack, get a drink, watch some TikToks and then go back to your paper. Doing this also allows for great proofreads and edits.

Tip #5: Gather a support system. Having a support system is so crucial during college. Knowing you have family and friends behind you makes you want to do well but also lets you know it’s okay to have setbacks. Call them and vent, cry with them and get excited with them. Having people with you every step of the way makes you want to be even better then you were the day before.