Taqueria, full-service Dunkin Donuts open on campus

By April Federico | Features Editor

Welcome back to the nest, Hawks! As you make your way through the year, prepare to feast your eyes (and mouth) upon new and novel places on campus to eat.

First off, the Law School café is being “revamped” to be a Chipotle-taqueria. According to controller and marketing manager of Bon Appetit Management Company, Stephanie Keith, it is now open for business.

“It’s a full Mexican-style taqueria filled with wholesome proteins (both animal and plant based), fresh vegetables, house made salsas and sauces, and awesome sides (think: plantains, street corn, and organic house made tortilla chips!),” Keith said.

“The menu is pretty simple but super customizable; it features tacos (hard and soft), burritos, grain and salad bowls, quesadillas, and tostadas. We also kept some lunch favorites too – grilled chicken, local hamburgers, and veggie burgers.”

Expect the place to look like your typical taqueria, too! Now, they need our help with naming it, so be sure to get those wheels turning for a new name.

The taqueria isn’t the only dining service that’s being titivated. Over the summer, the C-Store in North Campus Residence Hall turned into less of a grocery store and is now a full service Dunkin Donuts.

“We kept the big bags of chips, frozen entrees, ice cream, and some toiletries that were popular amongst students,” Keith said. “We’re continuing to increase our vegan options in Upper, and of course we have a new grab and go menu for the fall season–plus, a new sandwich menu over at Global that is so delicious!”

She continued, “Lower had a few new menu items added–wings at the grill and a fantastic butternut sandwich to name a couple. Oh, and the Hawk’s Nest has a new smoothie menu which is much more wholesome – green smoothies with avocado, ones with chia seeds, kale smoothies, etc.!”

But don’t worry, student favorites the Bristol Berry and Choco-Splash, are still there.

Didn’t like what you ordered? Or did you just have too much on your plate? One issue that dining services is working on is cracking down on waste. Keith said they want to “get inside the heads” of those who throw away food.

“There are so many possibilities and we want to nail that down some more to avert as mush waste as possible,” she said. “When you think about the lifeline of food and all the time, energy, passion, and love that goes into it – it’s hard to watch that all get thrown away.”

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