Club of the Week: Film Production Club

Grace Kenningham, Herald Contributor

Size is definitely not everything, especially when it comes to the Film Production Club. This group of 15 students creates and produces their own videos of different lengths to be featured in festivals and screenings both on and off campus.
The members have creative minds and a desire to create visual art. However, everyone is encouraged to join despite their levels of experience or knowledge.
The club first got started years ago when a group of students desired to elaborate on what they were learning in their film classes. The techniques they were learning in class were not the most effective or up to date. These few students decided to resort to learning outside of the classroom. This club allowed open discussion and debate regarding film development, production, or films that warrant discourse.
The club meets every Wednesday in GHH 01 from 8-9 p.m. They sponsor weekly shoots and tutorials, and are actively meeting 3-6 days a week, depending on the project line up. In these meetings they learn all about the pre and post-production process, including how to operate the audio and visual equipment and editing software. Additionally, members learn the steps of putting together a legitimate film. 
Another objective of the club is to teach members how to write screenplays.
“We want to show people how to get into the entertainment business as well as having fun discussing and making films,” said sophomore Rosalie Stevens, the president of FPC. Stevens was elected president at the end of her freshman year, and she is now one of six executive board members. She has a passion for film and wants what is best for the organization.
According to the club’s constitution, “Additionally, students of the club are invited to several events hosted by Flickers including the The Rhode Island International Film Festival, Vortex: Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival, Oscar Night America, Tournées Film Festival, and the Roving Eye Film Festival (April 16-22).”
Currently, the club is making plans to visit the sets of The Vault or Anastasia, both of which are being filmed in Rhode Island. Their main focus is on creating a video for the Sexual Harassment PSA competition and working on a project for CEN and MSU. The members are excited for the final products.
“Film Production Collaborative is different from other clubs because it gives people an outlet to be creative and learn something that they couldn’t learn anywhere else on campus,” Stevens said.
Going forward, the club wants to grows in numbers and encourages anyone who is interested to join. This will allow them to take on larger projects and include more complex scenes in their films. If you are interested in joining Film Production Club, contact [email protected].