Move over van Gogh, here comes Paulina Kobylar

Paulina Kobylar poses with her piece entitled “NA$TY” at the NaDI launch party.

Connor Linskey, Herald Contributor

For graduating seniors at Roger Williams University, their futures are like a blank canvas to be filled with whatever they see fit.
This is a perfect metaphor for senior Paulina Kobylar, who is a talented artist at RWU. Her paintings have earned her recognition inside and outside of the classroom. Recently, her piece entitled “NA$TY” was featured in the Intercultural Center’s new zine, NaDI, and displayed at its launch party in Global Heritage Hall. During her free time, she keeps herself occupied by painting rocks and drawing images. Though art is her passion, she has many other sources of inspiration.
“My aunt passing away a few years ago motivates me. She taught me how to care for people, and how to love,” Kobylar said. “I want to live my life like that.”
Her aunt would be proud. Kobylar has already taken steps to care for others. She has made it her mission to set a good example for her two younger sisters. Kobylar also works as a preschool teacher’s assistant and provides home-based therapy for a 7-year-old boy with mental health concerns. She wants to help people in any way possible, just as her aunt did.
RWU transformed Kobylar over the course of her college career. The university’s art program has uncovered her artistic talents. She now crafts colorful, complex pieces, which impress audiences. Kobylar has formed relationships with friends and professors that will last a lifetime. For her, college was a time for fun and personal growth.
“This university has really helped me figure out who I am as a person. It brought out my musical and artistic sides,” Kobylar said. “I was totally different four years ago.”
As graduation approaches, Kobylar emerges into the working world as a talented and competent individual. Though she has many skills, Kobylar is unsure of her career goals. She wants to continue to try new things and, hopefully, find what she is passionate about. She is staying in Rhode Island in the months following graduation to work two jobs. One day, Kobylar wants to travel out West and establish a career for herself. Along the way, she hopes to have her artwork showcased in a prominent gallery.
Her career accomplishments will be complemented by her relationships. Her new surroundings will help her form new friendships. Kobylar’s family will remain a constant source of love and support. She will also always have the support of the RWU community, which helped her to become who she is today.
“I want to thank RWU for helping me figure out who I am,” Kobylar said.