Welcome Class of 2020!

Congratulations on becoming a RWU Hawk, and welcome to our Roger family. My name is Polina Boily, and I am the Student Senate President. If you are unfamiliar with what Student Senate is, don’t worry! Shortly summarized, we are the voice of the student body. We discuss and handle issues happening here on campus, and also charter the majority of the clubs here at RWU. The Student Senate consists of 22 members, each of whom is eager to represent you and express your opinions! Throughout your next four years here, I encourage you to join Student Senate or even just reach out if ever you have any concerns you would like to be brought up and discussed at our meetings. I promise you will be hearing from us a few times–but don’t be a stranger the rest of the time! Best of luck for your first semester, Student Senate is so excited to meet you all!


Polina Boily

Student Body President, Class of 2017

student body pres

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