Free resources to use away from campus

Students are now learning remotely for the rest of the semester and might have less access to services and textbooks they use on a daily basis. The lack of resources can be very stressful for students who must complete course work from their own homes. But don’t fret too much — there are many services being made available for free during this time of crisis. 

Adobe Suite

Adobe is providing free access to Adobe services that can be downloaded on a student’s personal computer. Students can go to the Creative Cloud website and sign in with student credentials and download the services they need to complete their coursework. This is for temporary access to Adobe products during this unprecedented time. For a step-by-step instructional guide on how to complete the download, look for an Information Technology Bulletin that was sent via email to students on March 20. 

Connectivity Options

An all-RWU email sent on March 19 outlined the different connectivity options for students in need of internet access. The Federal Communication Commission sent out a pledge that opens up opportunities for people to easily be connected to the internet during the Coronavirus pandemic. The email sent out by IT Management lists the options given by different providers. Providers like Spectrum are giving free Spectrum internet for 60 days for families with college students that have been sent home because of the virus. 

Textbook Access

For students in need of textbooks because they may not have access to those while away from campus, there are opportunities to get access to hundreds of texts. The Cambridge University Press is allowing free access to all of its textbooks until the end of May. Cengage is giving free access to students in need during this time until the end of the term. Students can also use the Roger Williams Bookstore website to be directed to access to electronic textbooks for free from VitalSource.

Tutoring Help 

The RWU Tutoring Center is being made available online through an email service for students who need help with writing. The other centers are also working to be made available for remote tutoring. Bartleby, a service provided by Barnes & Noble, is providing free access to its virtual writing center and students are allowed to ask 10 free questions and access tutoring help through its premium services until June.