Tik Tok trends worth trying

Tik Tok users have begun using instant coffee to create a whipped beverage

Emily Dvareckas, Photo Editor

For students who have not yet downloaded TikTok, it is almost guaranteed that time is coming. Even after saying “I will not download it,” a time is approaching where the boredom takes over and it’s impossible not to give in. It has been almost a month of quarantine and Instagram has been refreshed so many times, it’s begging for mercy. 

TikTok has moved past the days of 13 year olds lip-syncing to songs and movie quotes because Gen Z has taken over. TikTok is reclaiming the title that Vine once held for the students who are now college students. 

The app has 800 million active users worldwide, so there is always something new to watch and new trends to try. The real question is, do these trends work? Here is a list of TikTok trends that actually work and can turn into fun activities during the quarantine. 

Whipped coffee: This trend consists of taking one tablespoon of instant coffee (different from regular coffee grounds), adding one tablespoon of boiling water and one tablespoon of sugar. The next step is to whisk the mixture in order to create a whipped coffee that can be added to milk. This trend does work, but it is recommended to use an electric whisk and not to whisk it by hand. Whisking by hand takes forever and sometimes it does not work out. 

Bleach tie dye: This TikTok trend has people taking black or dark-colored shirts and using rubber bands to create tie dye patterns. Bleach is then put onto the shirt instead of a regular tie-dye. Another bleach trend has involved denim. People will take their jeans and put bleach on one of the legs to create a dual-colored jean. 

Hair curling with a bathrobe: Using the belt of a bathrobe, people with long hair have been curling their hair without heat overnight. To do this, you drape the belt over the head so the two sides go towards the shoulders. The next step is to wrap the hair around the belt in a french braid style. This would involve twisting the hair in a way that the belt would act as a piece of hair. It is best to do this with damp, but not soaking wet hair. The next step would be to go to sleep and when morning comes, take the belt out of the hair. The final product is curls that seem like they could only be achieved using a hot iron.