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As discussed in the Student Senate meeting on Monday, Feb. 10, should banning hate speech from a freedom of expression resolution be considered an infringement on First Amendment rights?

Jack Green, Op-Ed Writer

February 27, 2020

College Republican viewMany think of Nazism or white supremacy when hate speech comes into their minds. Barring hate speech from a freedom of expression resolution is ironic because freedom of expression has no exceptions. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech.” Many at Roger Williams University have suggested that hate speech does not fall under First Amendment protection and believe that it should be banned.Many believe in banning hate speech, stating it is not compatible with RWU’s messages of diversity and inclusion. The issue with this argument is that a stigma can be developed against ideologies and individuals that challenge these messages aside from Nazism and white supremacy. It is inevitable that students will question statements and policy from the RWU administration. Preventing criticism and questioning of statements and policies will make members of the student body become more bitter with the university system.While you can ban what others can publicly state, they will not change their minds and they cannot be barred from thinking such things. Banning ideologies that promote hate speech would martyrize them, when it would be better to debate and discuss these controversial ideas. Debating ideas will also better prepare the student body for after they graduate from RWU. One of the consequences of being in a free society includes expressing support for radical ideologies. Free speech is about defending the expression of views you do not agree with, even if they are unpopular, which is why hate speech should be protected in the upcoming freedom of expression resolution.

“No offense:” A discussion of right and wrong

Jayda Ragas, Opinions Editor

February 27, 2020

I have heard sentences begin with the phrase “no offense, but…” many times in my life. Spoiler alert: the rest of those sentences were never offensive. Not even remotely. But those sentences always contained the word “black...

Valentine’s Day treats worthy of your sweetie

_Jayda Ragas_, _Opinions Editor_

February 13, 2020

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a little commercialization and profit. The sweet, cavity-inducing side of the holiday is a huge part of this. Who doesn’t love to receive some kind of candy from their vale...

Should the presidential primaries start in Iowa and New Hamsphire

_Christopher Troccolo_, _Op-ed Writer_

February 13, 2020

College Republican viewThe Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primaries are said to be the most important and most influential primaries of all the states. After the most recent fiasco, with an app failure that delayed the caucus...

Should the Presidential primaries start in Iowa and New Hampshire?

_Connor Smith_, _Op-ed Writer_

February 13, 2020

College Democrat viewPresidential election season officially kicked off last week with the Iowa caucus. President Trump obviously won his primary with 97% of the vote, and the Democratic sides' results are a complete disaster that m...

The Do’s and Don’ts of V-Day

February 13, 2020

Feb. 14, the time of year where couples act like everything in their relationship is perfect. When fights are replaced with chocolates and tension is replaced with roses, where boyfriends can be cute without their “bros” ma...

Term limits for Congress might be the way to go

_Keith Millahn-Lewis_, _Op-ed Writer_

February 13, 2020

Our government is broken. There is no question about it. The United States government may seem like it is functioning, but it is not doing so in the interest of the people. Since the government is not performing its primary d...

Who is the best Democratic candidate for 2020?

_Sara Greco_, _Op-Ed Writer_

February 6, 2020

College Republican viewAs a Republican, I believe the Democratic candidate who is best fit to run against Donald Trump in the 2020 election is Michael Bennet. For those of you who do not know, Bennet is a moderate Democrat. According to an article in The New York Times by Maggie Astor, he plans on working on immigration reform in the Senate, education and much more. I believe he is the best fit for the Democratic candidate because he wants to see a path for undocumented immigrants who will pass a background check, learn America’s language (English) and expand visa programs. He wants to see an improvement in the immigration system and help those who want to come to America do so in the most legal way possible.  Looking from the Republican side, knowing what he wants to do with immigration is what most of us want to see. Getting this done as president will give us relief from having to deal with illegal immigration.  In addition, Bennet wants to see an improvement in the education system. He wants students to be educated whether it is private or public. He is helping colleges and universities with Pell Grants and is providing them with funding to increase higher education. Bennet is helping students get the best education they can receive within those four years of schooling. He is also responsible for helping a legislation back in 2015 called the “No Child Left Behind Act." I believe that we live in an era where everyone should get an education no matter what economic class a student belongs to.Being a Republican and understanding what life will be like after Donald Trump, whether it's in 2020 or 2024, I can see that Bennet understands the issues and is only trying to improve them for the better of America. Michael Bennet is the strongest Democratic candidate because his issues are clear and they are reasonable for voters on both sides of the spectrum.

Does what you wear under there matter?

February 6, 2020

Lingerie can be tight, sheer, flowy, strappy — really whatever you want it to be. But it will always be sexy... because you’re the one wearing it. At least you were wearing it at one point and now it's on the floor. But in tha...

Left or Right? Maybe it is time for the middle

_Keith Millahn-Lewis_, _Op-Ed Writer

February 6, 2020

To be a successful politician, you must be one of two things: a Republican or a Democrat. As such, to feel as if your already seemingly minimal say has any impact in politics, you must vote either Republican or Democrat. Sinc...

Death has the power to bring us together

_Jayda Ragas_, _Opinions Editor_

February 5, 2020

Death is a strange thing. At the same time it cleaves hearts in two, it unites people, particularly when there is a celebrity death. This impact is even greater when that celebrity is someone legendary.Kobe Bryant was a basketball leg...

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