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The Tour Guide Special: The Best Academic Building at RWU?

Emily Rosen
The university library.

As an Admissions Ambassador for the university, one of the main parts of my job is giving tours. Requiring me to weave in and around every academic building on campus, I’ve become quite acquainted with each (even the Architecture building, which still impresses me everytime I go in). Now that all the hawks are back on campus, I figured I’d give everyone the collab of the century. Tour Guide Amanda X Reporter Amanda: a special rundown of the buildings.

The Marine and Natural Sciences building is my second favorite on campus. Despite having nothing to do with any area of my study, the wet lab and shellfish hatchery is just so cool to me (probably because I have no idea what’s going on). The greenery and layout of the building is unique, and something I admire.

The English Language (ELS) building gets dead last place, simply due to its small classrooms and farther proximity from the campus center. Luckily, I’ve only had one class there… so far.

The College of Arts and Sciences building is just so-so. Yes, it has the cafe, but other than that, it reminds me a bit of high school, so I had to dock a few points for that.

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I feel like I’m not really equipped to analyze the School of Engineering, Computing, and Construction Management buildings (new and old), or the Cummings School of Architecture building, simply because I’m only really in there for tours and nothing else. I will say, the two story lab space in the new SECCM building, and the student work in the Arch building, is quite impressive, even for a business/writing student like me.

Speaking of which, the Gabelli School of Business building is probably tied for second in my opinion. One of the most luxurious on campus, the first floor has comfortable chairs in the classroom, and the esteemed CAFE (Center for Advanced Financial Education) on full display. The second floor of the building is not as swanky, holding it back from taking the top prize. 

I feel lucky to have most of my classes in my favorite building this semester. Global Heritage Hall, overlooking the bay, Starbucks in sight, and natural light in abundance, how is it not everyone’s favorite building? Probably the best allocation of space, given that the building is an academic building and a sort of “hang out” building, it is less daunting and “academic-esque” as some of the other buildings. The light, modern fashion of GHH is a highlight of every tour, and the highlight of my class-filled day.

How do your rankings stack up against mine? Follow @thehawksherald on Instagram to vote for your favorite academic building! 

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About the Contributor
Emily Rosen, Managing Editor
Emily is the Managing Editor of The Hawks' Herald, and previously served as the Sports Editor. She is a senior journalism major and political science minor at RWU, with hopes to go into photography or writing after graduation. When she's not in class or in the newsroom, she's either hosting her WQRI Radio show "It's A Metaphor For Life" with her roommates, playing video games, or listening to music or podcasts.

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