Communication is key for newly elected Student Body President Zoey Cormican


Zoey Cormican

Cormican is a sophomore Legal Studies and Political Science major from Rochester, New Hampshire.

The Senate Class of 2025 has a new student body president, and she said it was a challenging campaign. “Campaigning was the hardest week of my life,” said Student Body President Zoey Cormican.

Cormican said she is thrilled to hold the position and her opponent Matt Tilley was “a great person to run against.” She wanted to thank the student body for their support along with Dean Hagley, Assistant Dean of Student Programs Leadership & Orientation Carol Sacchetti, Associate Director Student Programs and Leadership Adrianne Harris, and her opponent Matt Tilley.

The campaign helped Cormican learn the importance of communication and said, “people want to know what is happening.” “Everyone still has a voice,” said Cormican. She wants students to know she is there for them and to communicate with her about the problems on campus or ideas they would like to see at RWU.

Cormican also said she felt well versed in leadership experience. Having served as ICC president, she understands what it is like to be a leader for an organization and wants the senate to “communicate better with student leaders of clubs and organizations.” Cormican said she wants students to know that no clubs will get cut and that “every club is funded enough.”

In terms of goals for her time as Student Body President, Cormican said she wants to improve accessibility services, make sure students’ classroom accommodation needs are met, have more blue lights on campus, safety concerns and have students’ voices be heard.

Cormican is already working to make changes at RWU. She has been collaborating with Associate Director of Residence Life and Housing Timothy Valton to create a pilot program for pet friendly housing in the Almeida 400’s. This will help to better serve students that need emotional support animals (ESA). Under this new program, students will be able to have a small dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or hamster. She said she would like to see students be able to have two guinea pigs because they are a herd animal. Currently, students with an ESA can only have one Guinea pig. Exotic animals will not be allowed in the dorm.

Art is something Cormican is a big supporter of and she specifically wants to showcase students’ artwork with murals. The first mural will be featured in Stonewall. She said she wants to change campus culture by acknowledging that “everyone has something cool to offer.”

Outside of serving RWU as Student Body President, Cormican is a sophomore double majoring in political science and legal studies with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. She also plays Rugby, lacrosse and sings for the Drastic Measures A Cappella group.

Cormican encourages students to “not be afraid to talk to me [her] about anything.” “I will fight for anyone on this campus,” said Cormican.

She said her purpose as President is to make a difference for students and leaders, get a say in the curriculum, speak up for students and be more involved on campus. The senate meets every Monday in the library and it is open to everyone.