Fall 2021: What you need to know


Rachel Dvareckas/The Hawks' Herald

Students are studying, eating and socializing in Global Heritage Hall on the first day of classes.

Rachel Dvareckas, Editor-in-Chief

  1. Masks must be worn indoors and are optional to wear outside. Those with vaccine exemptions must wear masks at all times, unless outside and three feet away from others.

  2. Fully vaccinated residential students are required to receive a COVID test once a week. Vaccine-exempt students will be required to test twice a week.

  3. Dining will be take-out only for the first week of school. This will be reassessed after the campus community receives multiple COVID tests.

  4. Self-screening is recommended for vaccinated individuals and required for nonvaccinated individuals.

  5. The Reopening Roger site will be regularly updated with important information regarding safety guidelines. It also includes information on COVID testing and case numbers.

  6. Be safe and be smart. The world is slowly returning to normal, but COVID is not completely gone. Make smart decisions and remember to be mindful of your health and the health of your community.