A Pleasant Surprise: Freshman Drain has become a key player for the Hawks

Epke Paquette, Herald Reporter

Being a freshman on a collegiate sports team can be more difficult than it seems, but freshman Madi Drain has proven herself to be a palpable presence on the field this season.


Often mentioned by Head Coach Jennifer Fox, Drain quickly got the attention of her coach and teammates this year.


“As a freshman, I wasn’t really sure what to expect or how the team was going to be,” Drain said. “But coming in with the right coach and the right team made it an easy transition.”

Drain became acquainted with lacrosse at nine years old, originally playing with a kids program. She kept with the sport throughout high school, becoming a three-sport athlete as she played soccer and basketball, in addition.

“Overall, playing is amazing,” Drain said. “The feel of the game is a lot different in college than high school. Being able to be thrown into a game with Coach Fox trusting me as a freshman is nice to see.”

For Drain, the welcoming nature of her teammates made her start to college lacrosse a pleasant one.

“It can be hard as a freshman because everyone else has that bond already. But they’ve all been very accepting and they make sure I understand everything at practice,” Drain said. “We have an incredible on-the-field and off-the-field dynamic which is really great. Having that support system is really nice.”

Throughout the season, Drain has been the subject of Coach Fox’s praise numerous times, called “a force to be reckoned with,” and “a huge threat on both ends of the field.”

During the team’s trip to California over spring break, Drain gave a striking performance in the game against University of the Redlands. According to Fox, she really stepped up to play them.

“I can’t believe she thought I played well in that game, we struggled a lot,” Drain said. “But I think my mentality is always to play up to a team. It doesn’t matter if they’re stronger or bigger, you have to try to play up to them.”

As for the rest of the season, Drain said she’s mostly focused on staying pragmatic and making sure she tops her coach’s expectations this season.

“Honestly, I think staying level-headed during freshman year can be a lot to handle,” she said. “My goal is to make sure I’m exceeding what [Coach Fox’s] standards and expectations are.”