Proceed with Caution

Do you think RWU is solely a place for learning? Maybe think again. Let me just say there is a lot more going down around here than just your grades. I know as well as you do that there are plenty of sexy times happening here. But I don’t just mean in your own rooms. I’m talking all around campus, and I got the inside scoop from all of you. 

Ever had some friends over for a fun night all together? Keep an eye on everybody there because two may sneak away to get it on… even though neither of them live there. Yikes. 

You think GHH is a quiet and relaxing place to get some homework done at night? This may be true but proceed with caution before opening any classroom doors. It may be a lovely place to learn a foreign language during the day, but at night, some people like to practice a different language: the language of love. 

Last but definitely not least, there is the beach. The beach right under the bridge, of course. Mt. Hope Bridge is a beautiful staple to our campus, during the day and at night. But if you go down under the bridge too late at night, you might run into some some people, well, going down under the bridge, if you know what I mean. Truly iconic. 

Well there you have it, some of the most scandalous places people have done it around campus. So be alert if you hear squeaking or moaning while walking around campus or into buildings. But then again, it could just be the raccoons. 


Racy Stacy