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“Help! My Personal Style Is Too Strong!” Tips to Being An Irresistible Icon


Dearest fellow scholars, 

    Personal brand is everything. Whether you’re dating, going out for an interview, obtaining sushi at Lower, taking over the universe, walking your kitty-cat, and or strolling back to your dorm in your bathrobe, there is never a wrong time for a signature look.



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  1. A personal favorite that embodies your personality, and when wearing  you feel as if you’re screaming to the world who you truly are. Can be anything physical or magical. Requirement: repeatedly featured on your person. 

(This definition according to M.B. & M.T.)

(But we are never wrong anyway so you can take this as fact.)

A signature makes your being significant. I couldn’t tell you my highs chool Spanish teacher’s name but I can certainly tell you about her green eyeshadow. Personal brand injects life into your look. Fellow scholars, you probably already have a signature, you just don’t know it yet. Maybe it’s the fragrance you’ve worn since middle school, the sneakers you keep rebuying, the way you part your hair, and the fact that you only wear aviator shades. In order to be ICONIC you need to get a signature, but not just any signature, a fabulous one. 

Here’s an insider gift from the biggest icons we know, yours truly:

M.B.’s take: 

1. What inspires your look?

My daily fashion inspiration truly varies on the day. Maybe I want to be a 90s minimalist style icon, maybe I want to be Carrie Bradshaw… The reoccurring inspiration is feeling elevated and comfortable in whatever it is I choose and of course always remaining fabulous! I was a kid with an extensive princess dress wardrobe and she’s still alive and well, I’ve just traded in my princess dresses for expensive shoes. 

2. What’s your signature?

My current signature piece with the colder weather is a long coat, be it leopard print or a classic trench coat it completely amps up a look. I could be wearing the most perfectly executed ensemble underneath or maybe nothing at all, you’ll never know because it perfectly hides all. Year round my signature look always requires some funk, an unexpected shoe, a furry handbag, or my total curly bed head. 

M.T.’s take:

1. What inspires your look? 

My fashion inspiration is to always present as authentically as possible. I want to dress how I want to be perceived; that varies from day to day, occasion to occasion, but ultimately dressing my person like this allows me to exude the utmost personality in everything I do. If I were a movie character I’d wear matching silky PJ sets to bed… and you bet I actually do. At 80 I want to respect 18 year old me and fashion is an overwhelming part of that for me. 

2. What is your signature?

Since highschool I have maintained a bombshell, LARGE, vivacious, blonde hair look. Her volume varies as well as her kind of curl but it’s fluffy shape is a constant. Sticking on the face; I wear a long and upwards strobe of blush. If I am wearing makeup I am wearing an overtly obvious 80’s angled blush. Whether this technique is intentional or a result of lack in makeup skills, it’s up for the viewers to determine. Black turtlenecks have never done me wrong; we are best friends for eternity. I get her 90’s aesthetic and she gets my short torso. 

We cannot leave you without this: A signature means NOTHING if it isn’t yours. No copycatting, no stealing, and absolutely no imposters. Authenticity is religion… and you know where you’re going if you break the rules. Always be authentic, even if you’re still not sure what to do with your hands.

We’ll be back & we’ll be watching, 

–  M.B. & M.T.


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  • K

    KjApr 10, 2024 at 6:27 pm

    M.T. is my tried and true north star for self expression. We have entirely different ways of presenting ourselves. I think its a very chic thing that you can be inspired not only by people who reflect your taste but also by people who reflect their own taste. Wicked cool to follow M.T. and I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for miss M.B., she’ll be on my radar now. Cool gals.

  • L

    lexApr 10, 2024 at 6:09 pm

    love everything you write!! this article is too iconic xx