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How to Dress for the Transition of a Lifetime; Blue New England Turning Warm


Dearest fellow scholars,

Us New England students are in the midst of trying times. By times we mean the horrific battle of climate defrosting. We can see our fellow scholars are not dressing for this battle properly. No need to fret, as we will navigate you through these challenging times.

 Taking inspiration from a dining hall observation: rugby tops are so in. (Bonus points if you have a different color for every day of the week; you know who you are). Forget mood rings when your preppy fashion can express your emotion. The Rugby shirt is gender neutral and maybe a chance to share between partners (so sustainable!). Whether you’re an athlete or classic prep this is the most versatile piece during this transitional period. 

 A statement yours truly has indulged in, the canadian tuxedo. There is not just any way to go about this… it’s meticulous art. The ideal denim button down is not too pirate aesthetic but rather vintage equestrian. The ideal denim bottoms for this look would be slim and high waisted in order to achieve the perfect tuck. 

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Styling Tip: Ladies thread a scarf through your belt loops and men thread a scarf through your collar! 

For personal growth do something hard everyday; indulging in the canadian tuxedo will count.  

 A part of this battle is breaking free from seasonal depression, so let us medicate you. Ladies and Gents, you’re prescribed a colorful pant! Whether a nantucket pink chino or navy blue carpenter pant, some color will bring your look back to life for Spring. Introduce white denim early in the season as it’s just as classic as your blue jeans. Try pairing it with a black turtleneck; the black and white is striking. Corduroys are like your extended family’s large dog that you wish you could have but your mom is allergic… they bring you so much joy. Try these joyful pairs of pants in any kind of fit, baggy, bell bottom, and slim. We know corduroys look best in teddy bear brown and mauvey pink. 

 Note from the authors: Our party looks are us perpetually playing 1980’s main characters that are liberated women. (To develop these characters further and for research purposes find our emails in the back of the Paper to invite us to your next party. Response within 24 hours, guaranteed!)  

Most recently our characters were dressed in belted oversized button downs. We wore two button downs to unlock double collar action. Remember, this look is pantless, boxers or tights will go a long, fabulous way. We know this look isn’t practical but that’s not what we’re advertising here at Tongue In Chic

What can we say, we are just college girls that know:

     A. how to look GOOD  

     B. how to DRESS

     C. what fashion is 

     D. All of the above 

*They don’t teach you this in the tutoring center: the answer is D.

Shoes. We hate to tell you not to wear something but we’re going to tell you not to wear something. The chunky sneaker is a drag, literally how are you even picking up your feet in those anymore? Opt for something delicate and sleek like Reeboks or Adidas indoor shoes. Another delicate shoe if you’re wanting a more feminine touch is the flat! Begin with black and venture into color if they become a good friend. If your footwear is under the category of slipper we request no step outside of your dormitory. You may walk to the bathroom in your open back, hoof looking slipper all you want. We have your best interest in mind as your Professor may mistake you for a equus ferus caballus!

Spring is Mother Nature’s wardrobe change and clearly our fellow scholars need one too. As the days get warmer our expectations get higher but as fashion experts we are here to guide you to trend upwards! 

We’ll be back & we’ll be watching, 

  • M.B. & M.T.


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  • I

    Izabelle GageMar 28, 2024 at 3:34 pm

    Love this piece girls, a very entertaining take on the transitional season and it’s fashion

  • F

    Freya HongellMar 28, 2024 at 3:16 am

    Reading this all the way over in Australia and i’m obsessed!! We’re heading into Autumn and i’m 100% pulling out the Canadian tux and a rugby jumper!

  • C

    chelsea grandpreMar 27, 2024 at 5:57 pm

    love it M.B and M.T killer girls killing it

  • D

    DanMar 27, 2024 at 5:21 pm

    You two actually make me laugh. I don’t know which one of you is meant to be tongue. But I can tell you’re both chic. Look forward to the next one 🙂

  • L

    Loïe MatthewsMar 27, 2024 at 4:43 pm

    I love this so much ladies!!!!! The illustration is also too cute