University adds additional dates for move out: Two weekends have been determined for students to grab the rest of their belongings

Students who have not yet moved out of their residence hall rooms will be able to do so on May 29 and 30, with an additional opportunity on June 5 and 6 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Although the current stay-at-home orders and essential travel recommendations in Rhode Island have been extended into May, it has been estimated that the state will reach peak cases around May 3. Vice President of Student Life Dr. John King said new move out dates were decided on keeping in mind that there is a good chance the stay-at-home orders will be extended. The decision was made between Student Life, Resident Life, Facilities and senior administration members.
“If the May 29/30 days need to be canceled due to public health conditions, we will offer a third day, Sunday, June 7, during the next weekend,” King said. 
These two weekends will be the only opportunities available to students, King told The Hawks’ Herald. RWU will offer connections to packing, shipping and storage options for those who need to fly and cannot do so during the weekends offered. 
This decision considered all COVID-19 trends, state guidelines and recommendations. While keeping the safety of students and staff members in mind, an express check-out process was determined along with questions that students will be asked on site. Students must register to move out via a link that will be sent out after final exams.
“We wish we could have provided this opportunity earlier but public health conditions didn’t support an earlier date,” King said. “Student belongings are safe, and students will soon receive an email that provides them the option to opt out of a free refrigerator and freezer clean-out service provided by our custodians…”
Sophomore engineering major James Oddo is one of the many students who has not yet moved out of his residence hall. Being from New York, he was not allowed to come to campus after an email was sent on March 26 by King, stating Gov. Gina Raimondo was requiring all New Yorkers who entered Rhode Island to self-quarantine for 14 days. 
Oddo did grab essential belongings during the first opportunity made available to students on March 15 and 16. 
“The trip is long and kind of expensive to make frequently so I knew I wouldn’t have been able to come back if we had to move out within the week,” Oddo said. “I took as much of my clothes and electronics such as my guitar and tv. Pretty much whatever I could fit in my car.”
Oddo said he lucked out when it came to grabbing his belongings. The only things he is missing are more wants than needs: his tennis racket, kitchen, bathroom and school supplies, bedding, games and room decor. 
All students, whether from New York or not, will be allowed to move out during the two weekends offered. An announcement will be sent out this week with further information.