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Sophomore supports medical personnel during COVID-19

Kayla Ivan, Herald Contributor

April 16, 2020

In the midst of the coronavirus' impact, there are rays of hope that peak out from a plethora of places. Caitlin Tavares, a sophomore graphic design and communications major, is making a positive impact in the community with her ar...

COVID-19 across the ocean: Perspectives from Bermuda

_Matthew Bacon_, _Op-Ed Writer_

April 13, 2020

At first, I did not think this virus was a big deal. No one did. No one took it seriously for the first few months as people continued to go about their lives as normal. People still traveled around the world, college students ...

No more excuses Household objects can be used as weights

Megan Willgoos / Managing Editor

April 2, 2020

Although there are many types of workouts to choose from, some may only be motivated to workout if they have weights to lift. Being stuck under a stay at home order may make it harder to lift some pounds.  Here are some obje...

Mental health truths amid the coronavirus

Emily Dvareckas, Photo Editor

March 27, 2020

The Coronavirus has been rough. There are a lot of adjectives that could describe the last few months. We went from hearing of a new virus that was infecting dozens in China to now being scared of breathing in the air around us....

Netflix’s “Self Made” may be up next on your watch list

Emma Bartlett, Arts and Culture Editor

March 26, 2020

On March 20, Netflix released a limited, four episode series on Madam C.J. Walker titled “Self Made.” Walker is remembered as the famous black woman who developed hair products for women of color. Her business proved to be ...

Let a little plant life brighten your time social distancing

Emma Bartlett, Arts and Culture Editor

March 19, 2020

While we all will be home for the next couple of weeks, it may be nice to do a bit of redecorating to create an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing workspace. Whether your work area is in your bedroom or a home office, take a mo...

Sports gear that tells a story How Nike contributes to Black History Month

Adam Zerman, Herald Contributor

February 27, 2020

In 1976, the U.S. government officially recognized February as Black History Month (BHM). Starting in 2005, Nike dedicated itself to supporting BHM along with black pride and black heritage. When Nike released its first BHM line, th...

New web page helps students in need

By Allison Kirk l Herald Contributor

February 6, 2020

The idea started a few years ago when Assistant Vice President and Dean for Student Life Lisa Landreman found out a student was living out of their car after being evicted from their home and estranged from their family. She ...

Gillary’s: closed for good?

By Ben Crawley l News Editor

January 30, 2020

Students have one less place to go out in Bristol after Gillary’s Taphouse on Thames Street shut down early last December.A sign by the door states the business is on vacation. But its website no longer functions. The phone is no l...

Electric vs. gas: Who will win?

_Keith Millahn-Lewis_, _Herald Contributor_

December 5, 2019

You’ve seen it on the news, read it in the papers, heard it from your friends. You see them in parking lots, your rich uncle just bought one and you might even be considering getting one for yourself. What am I talking about?...

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