No more excuses Household objects can be used as weights

Although there are many types of workouts to choose from, some may only be motivated to workout if they have weights to lift. Being stuck under a stay at home order may make it harder to lift some pounds. 
Here are some objects you can use at home with no cost at all! 
1. A milk jug: Save those empty cartons and fill them up with water. LiveHealthy states this can weigh between eight and nine pounds. Not heavy enough for you? Fill it up with dirt or sand, which can weigh up to 14 pounds. 
2. A can of food: A 15-ounce can weighs almost as much as one pound. Although light, these can be used for low impact workouts. 
3. Water bottles: Fill up all different sizes of water bottles for a variety of weights to choose from. Handles on some bottles make this option easy to hold onto. 
4. Flour bag: Be careful with this one, flour does get everywhere. Most flour bags weigh five pounds and can be a great substitute for a kettlebell. 
5. Books: Books may have been switched to online platforms, but that doesn’t mean the ones laying around your house disappeared. Use those next time you want to build some muscles. 
Grab those household objects and get moving! Your body will thank you when this is all over.