Ring the bell because Animal Crossing is here

Animal Crossing is a fun way to pass the time at home.

It’s time to stay indoors and avoid people at all costs: an introvert’s dream. One of the best ways to pass the time is entering into crippling debt to one Tom Nook. That’s right, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” came out on March 20. It is designed for the Nintendo Switch.

As college students, the $59.99 price tag is a harsh con to buying the game. But really, what’s better than arriving on a deserted island, making animal friends and selling hundreds of weeds to Tom Nook’s nephews, Timmy and Tommy? 

Users can escape the terrifying reality of the real world and jump right into the world of “Animal Crossing.” Create a human character and then make friends with the new animal neighbors. 

A great way to pass some time is to shake every tree on the island in hopes of finding some bells and gathering some branches. But beware, there are a lot of wasps throughout the island and if they sting, the character is left with a cracker covering one of their eyes. If they go to talk to a neighbor, prepare for rude comments about the wasp sting by “friends” with no sympathy. Get stung more than once without getting medicine, and the character will wake up face down in front of their living quarters.

Another great aspect of the game is Blathers the owl. He’s the museum curator of the island and absolutely despises bugs. Catch him in the daytime and the character will find him sleeping on the job. He loves having fossils, fish and the creepy bugs donated to further the advancement of the island’s museum.

Then there is Tom Nook, a tanuki that rarely cares about your financial situation. He only cares about money and knows exactly how to catch you in a trap. He continues selling upgrades that put you further into debt, leaving the objective of the game to find bells, so you can repay the loans. 

Stay distanced and hang out with your friends virtually by visiting each other’s islands and stealing their resources. Another fun activity to do while visiting your friend’s island is to hit them with a net; just get close enough and “boink” their heads. This won’t get you bells or Nook Miles, but it is a fun way to annoy your friend virtually since you can’t do it in person.

The graphics within the game are spectacular and the characters are adorable. The game is addictive and will leave you itching to pick up the Nintendo Switch after setting it down. The price is high but definitely worth the investment and it’s a great way to keep the social in social distancing.