Sophomore supports medical personnel during COVID-19

Kayla Ivan, Herald Contributor

In the midst of the coronavirus’ impact, there are rays of hope that peak out from a plethora of places. Caitlin Tavares, a sophomore graphic design and communications major, is making a positive impact in the community with her artistic talents.

Through her business, known as Caitlin Hope Art, Tavares has decided to create stickers featuring various medical personnel in honor of all the hard work done by nurses and medical workers during this time.

 “I want these people to feel special because they are,” Tavares said.

Inspired by her older sister who is a nurse, Tavares found it natural and necessary to offer medical stickers through her company.

“I really hope this spreads love, appreciation and awareness for any medical personnel… They truly are superheroes. Every superhero deserves to see themselves as tiny, little cartoon stickers,” Tavares said.

As another kind gesture to give thanks to all nurses, Tavares is offering a 20% off coupon specifically for medical workers. She also provides additional stickers and gifts, which she hopes will provide joy to the individuals who work diligently without expecting anything in return. 

“It isn’t much, but sometimes it’s the little things in life,” Tavares said. 

Caitlin Hope Art, which began in 2016, is Tavares’ self-made business that started through the creation of art for family and friends. As she participated in various local festivals, she began to see growth. As she started gaining more of an audience, she created her website and expanded her business.

An artist since her youth, Tavares has been creating and loving art for a long time.

“I [wanted] people to share the love of art that I have. This is when I knew owning my own art business would be the opportunity to share my art with the community,” Tavares said.

She was widely inspired by her parents to start her own business. She has seen moments of both challenge and reward through her experiences as a new entrepreneur. Like any business, sales can be slow and can hinder maintenance of her operations. Her dedication to the company multiple times a week allows for the creation of new designs and growth even during the slower periods.

“One of the most rewarding things to me is when I see customers with my merchandise,” Tavares said. “I absolutely love seeing someone get excited over a sticker I made. I feel proud that I can make other people happy by just a few simple designs I’ve done.” 

Tavares is a Hawk through and through. She appreciates all the support and inspiration from the RWU community. 

“I always want my products to be affordable and still of great quality because we all deserve nice things. I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions for stickers,” Tavares said. 

Check out Tavares’ website,, to see the stickers she has created. The designs are fun, unique and well-crafted. If you know someone in the medical field, a sticker could be a simple gift to thank them for all they do. RWU students can also use the coupon code “RWUHAWKS” at checkout for 10% off their entire purchase.