Essential activities for new students


Emily Dvareckas/The Hawks' Herald

The Shell Path offers beautiful views of the bay and the Mount Hope Bridge.

Kayla Ivan, Arts and Culture Manager

During your first year at Roger Williams University, there are a plethora of spots to visit if you are looking for fun activities to do, both on and off campus. Here are a few fun things you can do as you explore our beautiful campus and town.

1. Check out the shell path

One of the first places all students should visit on campus is the shell path, located by the bay right off the Bayside dorms. Here, you will find small, white shells leading you through the natural greenery lining the water. As you walk along the trail, stop by one of the openings onto the bay where there are lots of shells, rocks and places for you to plop down to enjoy the view ahead!

2. Late nights at Lower Commons

An RWU classic destination for all your late night cravings can be found at the Lower Commons on campus. Here, you will find plenty of snacks and tasty meals, including pizza, sandwiches and more!

3. Photoshoot by Mount Hope Bridge

As you see all the buildings and natural spaces on campus, you will undoubtedly see the Mount Hope Bridge. A tradition on campus, this bridge is a beautiful view from any part of campus. Walk past Stonewall and Willow to the edge of the water for the perfect photo opportunity.

4. Mouth-watering favorite dining destinations

Although Upper Commons is a great place to feast with friends, there are tons of great food options that are only a shuttle ride away! Nacho Mammas has Mexican fare that will make your mouth water and they deliver to our campus. Similarly, The Wave is an Italian place that delivers, with classic favorites such as pizza, salads, fries and more!

5. Caffeine kick at coffee shops

If you are looking for a boost of energy, try out one of the coffee spots both on and off campus. Right in Global Heritage Hall (GHH), Starbucks is open during the week for all of your essential caffeine needs, including coffee, refreshers, teas and more! The C-Store in the North Campus Residence Hall has a bunch of snack options along with coffee. Off campus, a few student favorites are Sip-N-Dip, Dunkin’ Donuts, Empire Tea & Coffee, Angelina’s, The Beehive Café and so many others. You can take the RWU shuttle or RIPTA. 

6. Journey through the East Bay Bike Path

One of the most beautiful parts about living at RWU is the access to so much water and greenery. One of the greatest ways to explore the area and surrounding spaces is through bike riding or walking the East Bay Bike Path. This path begins right by Bristol’s waterfront off Thames Street and ends all the way up to Providence. There are lots of food spots and scenery along the way.