Get groovy with “Samsmoves” on Instagram Samantha Verity ’19 creates a dance platform for those who want to dance during quarantine

April Federico, Herald Contributor

Social distancing has everyone in a rut, especially dancers who want to stay active. With everything closed, RWU alumna Samantha Verity from the class of 2019 created a platform on Instagram called “Samsmoves,” which encourages followers to try the choreography she has uploaded.

Verity majored in dance with a minor in psychology at RWU. Upon graduating from the university, she began teaching young dancers ages 7-18 at local studios in Long Island, New York, where she resides. Verity also began dancing in New York City with a company called Cloude.NYC, which was created by Emily Greenwell. The dance company primarily does contemporary and creative work. Although Verity enjoys all styles of dance, she mainly studied modern dance at RWU and took many choreography and composition classes. 

“It [class at RWU] has really molded me to find my own style and combine all of my training together,” Verity said. 

“I enjoy contemporary and hip hop the most, which is funny because when I grew [up] I trained at a competitive studio, and tap dancing was my prime style as a child.” 

As to why she decided to create “Samsmoves” in the midst of this pandemic, Verity said she did so to dedicate an Instagram page to reach out to dance peers, students and whoever is interested to encourage them to stay moving. 

“Social media is overwhelming at a time like this,” she said. “I wanted this page to just be there for anyone who is interested.” 

Verity does one live session a week and then posts a breakdown of the choreography on the page for those who want to go back and learn, or those who missed the live session. 

In terms of not being able to experience the art of dancing with her, or with other people, Verity said it’s a little odd putting information out there and not seeing or experiencing others move with her. But she said it is rewarding when others decide they feel comfortable enough to share what they’ve learned and what they’ve been working on with her. 

Verity decided to create a separate Instagram account aside from her personal Instagram in order to target those she feels would be interested, as to not overwhelm others on her personal page who would not want to get involved.

“It’s like its own little community – where anyone is welcome but forced to be followed,” Verity said.