Editorial: Prison Break Returns

Andrew Wuebker

Sports Editor

For almost the last year, I’ve been anxiously waiting for the return of (at least what I think is) the greatest TV series of all time in “Prison Break.” The critically-acclaimed drama series originally aired from 2005-2009 and airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

After seeing the second episode air this past Tuesday, I can say I’m more than pleased.

Be warned: There are spoilers ahead. If this show is on your to-watch list (which it should be), then turn back now because you will want to experience all of the glory that is “Prison Break” for yourself from the very beginning.

The original run followed a genius structural engineer by the name of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) who breaks into prison to break his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) out for a crime he never committed. Quite the brother, ain’t he? Long story short, Michael succeeds in this task with the aid of some bats—crazy tats, his manipulative mind, and fellow prison mates—whom he later befriends. After the break, a national manhunt ensues for these cons while Michael and the gang are out to prove Linc’s innocence.

We’re then introduced to an organization called the Company that manipulates the U.S. government for their own purposes, and A massive plot unfolds revealing that the organization was after Michael and Linc’s family from the very beginning. By the end of the series, Michael and his buddies stop the company and are finally free, partially due to Michael’s ultimate sacrifice.

Enter season five.

After seven long years, Lincoln discovers Michael is alive in a Middle Eastern prison. But what’s he doing in there? Why would he leave his family behind? The questions are endless, and when word got out Prison Break was returning, the internet basically exploded.

After seeing the first two episodes, it was well worth the wait. The criticisms so far say this season heavily relies on the nostalgia of the first two seasons and the emotional investment we’ve put into these lovable brothers… but it works.

The entire series is a story of triumph and failure, happiness and despair, with a pair of brothers at the epicenter who’d do anything for each other. I’ll admit, season four was way out of hand, but five is back to its original roots. It’s every bit as action-packed, mysterious, and suspenseful as the first two seasons were.

Ratings for the show dipped slightly this week, but the die-hards will be sticking around for the full nine episodes. I know I will.