Inexpensive Christmas gifts in the college kid’s budget

: Abigail Mclean, Herald Contributor

 As we get closer to hot chocolate and mistletoe season, we also get closer to the doomed time of gift giving. Whether you’re looking for gifts for family or friends, budget always comes into mind when looking for the perfect gift for loved ones. I’m here to fill you all in on a few websites that are perfect for finding the best Christmas gift for the people on your nice list.

 One of my all-time favorite creative Christmas gifts to give to friends is a cute mug with a special message that means something to both of you. has a ton of inexpensive and really creative mugs, T-shirts, and posters that are perfect for a quick and cheap gift for friends or loved ones. is a great online store to find detailed ornaments or even handmade earrings from artists around the country. These gifts are unique and make the gift seem even more special!

 This holiday season, show your love for comedy with a humorous gift like the ultimate wine bottle glass, which is a hybrid of a wine bottle with a wine glass at the top to fill and drink out of. These can be found on, along with many other funny gift ideas like funny socks or phone cases. Adult Award Ribbons are another great “gag” gift for the friends who like to laugh. They celebrate the real achievements of our friends, like “best at saying what we’re all thinking”. This hilarious gift can be found online at

 For a more personal gift this holiday season, look no further than the Yankee Candle around the corner, or an online candle shop like Candles by Victoria, which supplies candles all across the USA. Candles by Victoria is a family owned and run business which offers candles, tarts, and wax melt products with beautiful fragrant scents. Most of the products are around $20, which makes the candles affordable and delicate gifts for those that mean a lot to us.

 If you are going old school this holiday season and hitting the mall instead of online shopping, there are endless stores that specialize in modern and trendy gifts. 

 Urban Outfitters offers a wide selection of interest books, from joke novels to a vegan recipe cookbook. Urban also has a wide selection of funky accessories for everyone’s fashionista bestie. They both have branded flat top hats for men and delicate gold jewelry for women. 

 Elite Ideas is another mall shop selling items pertaining to nature, yoga, and zen vibes. Some gifts to be bought at Elite Ideas may be an intricate tapestry complete with tie dye or printed elephants or a crystal stone necklace that serves an important meaning. This store has hidden gems which, gifted to a friend, will send a message of true caring and meaning. 

 The key to finding a gift for your college friends or whoever else you’re shopping for this Christmas is to think about what you really appreciate about that person and find an object that reflects this likable quality. Do not get overwhelmed with the thought of having to buy an expensive and elaborate gift when the perfect present may be hidden in an unexpected place, and it will have come right from the heart.