Racy Stacy: Solo on V-Day

_Racy_Stacy_, _Herald_Reporter_

Love is in the air… not. 

This may be the way you feel about Valentine’s Day if you’re single and ready to mingle at this time of the year. Being single during this holiday can really suck, but you are most definitely not alone. Lots of people are single and there are plenty of fun things to do if you don’t have a bae. Here are a few suggestions for those who don’t particularly love this holiday: 

Be flirty: Hit the bars, open up Tinder and get swiping, or finally say hi to that person you’ve secretly been crushing on for weeks. If you’re in the mood, put yourself out there and have some fun! You never know what could happen. There are lots of cute singles out there, so go find one and have a good time! 

Make yourself dinner: Free up some time to go to the grocery store and get the ingredients you need to make your favorite meal. Buy yourself some wine and have a glass with your meal (or two). Nothing says “single on Valentine’s Day” better than a nice, quiet dinner. 

Have a girls night: Get together with your friends and do something fun with each other! Whether you go out to the bar or just stay in and have a movie night, spending time with friends is a great way to remind yourself of the amazing people you have in your life. College is a busy and stressful time for everyone, and hanging out with your crew can be the perfect stress reliever.   

Go get your nails done: Go to the local nail salon and treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. There’s nothing better than doing something for yourself and we don’t get to do it often because of the never-ending amount of responsibilities that college students have to balance on a daily basis. Taking an hour or two to relax and pamper yourself can be the perfect thing to do when you’re without a boo on this holiday. 

Go to the gym: Get your booty up off the couch and get rid of some stress/Being-Single-On-Valentine’s-Day Depression with a killer workout. It’s about that time to start working on the summer bod too, so it’s the perfect excuse to start exercising. 

Enjoy being single: Relationships can be super stressful. You witness this firsthand when you hear your roommate and her boyfriend yelling at each other from down the hall. You witness this firsthand when you see your best friend stressing out over what to get their significant other as a gift. Being single most definitely has it’s perks, and it would be silly not to take a moment to appreciate them. You do not have to worry about spending money or planning the perfect date-night-out, and you don’t have to worry about picking out a cute outfit. You can sit on your couch and eat pizza and ice cream for as long as you want. That sounds like a great night to me.