Favorite websites of college students

Going through the ups and downs of college life can bring stress to even the most diligent students. The internet has become a valuable tool in modern society that students can use to help fix almost any problems they may have.

Academic websites can be a great resource when it comes to studying assistance. Quizlet is a site that holds thousands of flashcard sets that are accessible to students across the country. Any subject from Greek mythology to organic chemistry can have study tools on this source. Freshman Kayla Morris, a forensic science major, said, “It’s very helpful using the studying feature that has you go through the terms repeatedly until you know them all.” 

Another helpful resource is www.ratemyprofessors.com, which students can use to look up their professors’ ratings before choosing classes. The site allows users to narrow down their search by name, school, and even specific classes that they teach. Students can rate professors on a scale from 1-5, one being poor quality and a five representing good quality; this prevents others from choosing professors who have been called overly strict, unhelpful, or unpleasant.

Starting both the fall and spring semesters can be a hassle when it comes time to order textbooks. Living on a college budget is difficult, and some classes alone can require more than three books, leaving wallets bare from a total book order for five classes. Chegg is an amazing source for textbook ordering; students can buy or rent books for less than half of the price of books from the school bookstore. Visit www.chegg.com for financial relief.

 Balancing multiple large assignments along with extracurricular commitments can be mentally draining. Reading motivational quotes can be a stress reliever and make students feel like they have the strength to push on during the semester. Pinterest is a great website for this purpose; a simple search of “motivational quotes” will bring up encouraging sayings such as “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” (www.pinterest.com)

Pinterest is also great for organization tips, recipe ideas, and even steps to doing hair and makeup looks. Students can save pins on their account to look at for future reference.

On its own, www.amazon.com is an immensely helpful resource for students; with a click of a button, anything from a pair of socks to a set of plates or new towels can be ordered and delivered anywhere. Students can even order snacks that will be delivered here to the school. Amazon is currently running a free 6 month trial Prime account for students, that offers free two day shipping along with other benefits.

Freshman Gigi Fiacco, a biochemisty major and avid Amazon shopper, expressed her love for the site, saying, “Oh my gosh, I love Amazon. I have bought everything on there from clothes to school supplies. I’ve easily spent 30 paychecks on the site.”

College life can be tough, whether academically or personally, but the Internet contains a wealth of services and products that can be used to lessen any stressful blows. Next time you find yourself in a trying situation, check out one of these websites and some of the worry will melt away!