The Reign of Cardi B

: Sammy Croteau, Arts & Culture Editor

 “OKUUUUUR” has been deemed 2018’s version of the word “Okay” by influential female hip-hop artist, Cardi B. The new version of the everyday phrase has reached the vocabulary of college students around the country. The new take on “okay” has even seen love on the RWU campus, showing the strong influence she has had on millennials and Generation Z hip-hop fans.

The musician quickly came into the limelight, shocking pop culture with her amusing attitude and strong sense of self.  With her bold personality, trendy style, and clever lyrics, Cardi has caught the attention of many college kids for all the right reasons.

Cardi’s extensive self-expression reminds us all that it is more than okay to show your true self, even when the whole world is watching you. The 25-year-old rapper oozes confidence when she steps out on the red carpet, but also shows self-love in her song lyrics. She raps about being desirable, while making it clear the “boss” woman she is. Her songs are filled with lines about the money she has made for herself and the success she has recently found through fame. These lyrics communicate to her listeners that you have to work hard if you want to make something of yourself, but it is worth it. Each of her raps have an encouraging tone to it, making Cardi B an alternative life coach for the college student who needs a burst of motivation. 

“This some real-life fairy tale Binderella sh*t / I got further than they said I will ever get,” the rapper spits about the people she proved wrong in “Best Life” ft. Chance the Rapper, a song off her new album “Invasion of Privacy.”

Cardi B stands as a public female figure because her quirky boldness has transferred into the personas of her fans. Women especially have learned from Cardi that you have the right to say what you want, when you want to say it, no matter who you are. She has given a sort of power to the female voice by standing as an assertive and active figure who also has a charming sense of humor. Pop culture needs individuals like Cardi B who own who they are, encouraging the public to love themselves too. 

College-aged girls have been attracted to Cardi’s music because it gives them extra confidence to love themselves just the way they are, in a pressuring world of high beauty standards. Cardi relays that you don’t need to act like someone else in order to impress others. “I could buy designer, but this Fashion Nova fit.” Cardi raps in “She Bad” another track off “Invasion of Privacy.” Even with the cash she has flowing, Cardi stays true to herself and wears the clothes she feels comfortable in instead of conforming to the Hollywood norm of wearing high-end brands. Cardi reminds us to listen to yourself, not what the world is telling you to listen to.

Cardi B isn’t just culturally influential through her standout personality and memorable lyrics, but with her fashion. Her love for Fashion Nova, a low price fashion website similar to Forever 21, has influenced others to purchase from the affordable site whose clothes can make you look just as good as a pricey retailer. College girls on a budget have turned to surfing through the endless Fashion Nova inventory for a party look because Cardi B slays in it, so why shouldn’t you? She has taught her listeners that wearing inexpensive clothing is nothing to be ashamed of. What matters is how you step out in the clothing you choose to put on, because anything can be pulled off with some poise. No matter what we wear, do, or say, Cardi B tells us to do it confidently and that is advice our world can use.