Breaking Benjamin back with a new album

Breaking Benjamin back with a new album

American rock band Breaking Benjamin is back and better than ever with their brand new album, “Ember,” released April 13.  This is the second record since the end of the band’s hiatus that lasted from 2010 until 2014.  After the lead vocalist, Benjamin Burnley, fought for the rights of the group after the original members broke up, he returned with a brand new lineup of musicians to continue the band’s legacy.  The new album’s name comes from the lyric “I am the ember fading” in the song “Psycho.”

The first single that the band dropped before the album was released is “Red Cold River.”  The song explores the thought process of a suicidal individual.  It is unclear if the song is directly about the vocalist or if it is just a song that was written out of fiction. The chorus goes, “I can’t feel anything at all / This life has left me cold and damned / I can’t feel anything at all / This love has led me to the end.”  Here, he is talking about how depression and a recent relationship have pushed him into deep depression. The bridge of the song holds the lyric “Try to find a reason to live,” letting the listener know that he has the will and strength to maintain his existence. In terms of the feel of the song, the verses are very eerie and calm, whereas the chorus and bridge are very heavy and filled with energy. This is by far one of the band’s heaviest songs.

Track number six, “The Dark of You,” begins with a low rumble of thunder followed by calm piano and faded drums.  This effect gives the song a solemn feel that is held throughout its duration. It is also the softest sounding song on the record.  “The Dark of You” explores the concept of life, the darkness that it holds, and the inevitable end that we will all one day experience.  “Let go / When all has come to life / We live, we breathe, we die / They call me to the light / Forever lost in time.” Here, we see the vocalist explaining the birth of life, its end, and, finally, our souls never returning to life once we leave this earth.  A fun fact about this song is that famed dancer Derek Hough, who is a fan of the band, is actually featured on this track. If you listen closely, you can hear the higher-pitched harmonies with the vocals over the whole song that Derek contributed.

The last song that I would like to make note of is “Torn in Two.”  This song is directed at those with depression or mental illness who feel broken and alone.  The lyrics at the end of the song are a lifeline thrown out to those feeling this way; Burnley sings, “I will fight this war for you (Please hold on) / And let the dawn of love survive / Broken, I crawl back to life / Hold on, rise, hold on.”  Furthermore, where the verses have a darker, helpless feel to them, the chorus offers a sound of relief and restoration, symbolizing helping someone out of a depressive state.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the newest addition to Breaking Benjamin’s discography.  This album addresses some very dark, but important, subjects that many people deal with every day of their lives.  Also, this record was a gift to fans, after numerous requests for heavier material from the band.