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Summer must-watch list

Abigail Lebowitz


  1. Deadpool and Wolverine 

Hitting theaters July 26th is the only Marvel movie being released in 2024, Deadpool 3, or how it’s better known Deadpool and Wolverine. Promising to be the biggest event movie of the summer and packed full of cameos from hardcore and casual fans alike this is definitely not a movie you want to miss.  

  1. Inside Out 2

June 14th gets excited for one of the many sequels no one asked for, and the only one that actually seems to be building some hype. Inside Out 2 promises to be a bigger and better follow-up to the classic original though it remains to be seen if it can provoke as many tears or as much laughter, this seems to be animation fans’ only real choice over the summer.   

  1. Furiosa Mad Max Saga 

Following the unexpected success of Mad Max Fury Road director George Miller is bringing back fan-favorite character Furiosa for her own spin-off/ origin story. With a star-studded cast, and the series’ inventive action, this film seems worth at least checking out after it comes out on May 24th.       

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  1. MaXXXine 

The third and final installment in the immediate cult classic slasher series MaXXXine promises to follow up X and Pearl with even more blood and gore. For any fans of the thriller or horror genre, this will definitely be one to check out when it releases in theaters on July 5th.  

  1. It Ends with Us 

Coming out June 21 the romcom no one has been asking for, but might actually be good? I’m just joking, this is Colleen Hoover, don’t waste your money.  

  1. IF

My real number 5 pick; IF. Starring every straight white man in Hollywood who thinks they are funny, IF dares to ask what if a movie was really hard to google? While my hopes aren’t high, IF has the benefit of being a completely original property and not another spin-off or sequel. Check it out on May 17th if you are looking for a family-friendly fun time, or if you can’t wait until July to see more Ryan Reynolds.    


Tv shows:

  1. House of the Dragon Season 2

The long-awaited second season of House of the Dragon will begin airing on June 16 exclusively on Max. Game of Thrones fans rejoice! Or start worrying, because if the original show taught us anything even the best shows can end badly.   

  1. Bridgerton Season 3 

Bridgerton Season 3 will be hitting Netflix in two parts, with the first half realizing May 16th and the second half on June 13. It seemed Netflix learned from Stranger Things that the best way to torture a fanbase is to hold the show hostage, leaving everyone watching on a cliffhanger.   

  1. Star Wars: The Acolyte 

Starting June 4, Star Wars fans can see if Disney learned its lesson from Andor or if the rest of Star Wars is going to turn just as bad as The Book of Boba Fett. This show has a lot riding on it, and it will be an interesting watch, at least to see if it can handle the pressure.  

  1. The Boys Season 4

Looks like June is going to be a busy month for TV with The Boys Season 4 making its 3-episode season premiere on June 13th. This season is going to have a lot of competition but if the surprise success of its spin-off Gen V tells us anything about this show is that it loves a challenge.   

  1. The Bear Season 3 

With Hulu still not providing a solid release date, at the time of writing, it is uncertain whether the third season of The Bear will actually be released this June. While fans are worrying about when they are getting their beloved show there should be no worries as to the quality of it as it has proved through the past two seasons to be a modern-day classic.  

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