Summer shopping sites for broke college students

: Sammy Croteau, Arts & Culture Editor

The warm weather finally coming around fills our minds with summer daydreams: wearing airy sundresses, colorful bikinis, and mirrored sunglasses. Our thoughts get dragged back to reality when we’re reminded of our lacking bank accounts to afford such an extravagant summer wardrobe. The following sites are college student friendly and have endless inventories of trendy summer gear that won’t cost you a fortune.

With surprisingly low prices and celebrity sponsors like Cardi B, Fashion Nova’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past year. The clothing site has a wide selection of garments ranging from dressy rompers to sleek active wear. The greatness doesn’t stop there. Fashion Nova’s prices are the least bit scary, with selected jeans starting at $12. The sale section is packed with trendy pieces that haven’t lost their spark in the fashion world, marked at a steal price. Fashion Nova’s clothing are accommodating to various body types, making it less stressful ordering online because the garment will most likely fit flawlessly. Fashion Nova is also great to its customers, offering countless deals and helpful discount codes.

If you don’t want to take a trip to the mall, Forever 21’s website is even more packed with pages of summer accessories, printed bathing suits, and denim skirts. Forever 21 offers such a wide variety of styles, and all for a low price that you seriously can’t beat. This site sells copies of top trends buzzing in the designer industry, at an affordable price. If you’re online shopping here there is no doubt your cart will be full within minutes from the diverse selection Forever 21 has.

Amazon may not be the first site to pop in your head when on the hunt for the ideal summer bikini or outdoor concert look, but you’d be surprised with what it has to offer. Amazon’s prices are super affordable due to their items being overstocked. Their inventory is so wide that clothing is a highly purchased product on Amazon. On Amazon, you can find knock offs of designer brands discounted up to 80% off. Amazon requires a little more effort to find what you’re looking for as opposed to Fashion Nova or Forever 21, but you can narrow your search through the search bar to pinpoint exactly what you want to buy.

If you’re into vintage clothing and thrift shopping, this is the destination site for you. Depop is a site of individual online vendors who sell recycled vintage pieces. All the pieces are one of a kind on Depop and would be difficult to find on another platform. The price range is a bit higher than Forever 21’s, but you are paying for greater quality pieces that will last a lifetime. Vendors have recently flooded the site with retro summer tanks and flowy blouses in time for the hot and sunny season.

Don’t stress about shopping for the upcoming summer season. With these websites, you’ll find a world of fashion that can actually be hanging in your closet due to their affordable prices. All of these sites hold an array of styles from sporty to preppy making it easier to find exactly what suits you!