Discount fashion: Even clothes from Walmart can be cute

April Federico | The Hawks’ Herald

When you walk through the streets of Providence and ask where people usually shop for their clothes, a lot of women say “thrift stores.” Shopping at thrift stores can be hard because sizes vary depending on the clothing product, but people still go for the great discounts.

Discount fashion is becoming quite popular as opposed to shopping for designer items at the mall. Most people would hesitate before shopping at discount stores like Walmart, but surprisingly, Walmart has some cute clothing items for women. YouTube stars like Katy Bellotte have done “haul” videos featuring clothes from Walmart.

When most people think of Walmart, they think of graphic t-shirts and leggings with funky patterns, but that’s not always the case. Walmart currently sells fall items and Sherpa sweatshirts and jackets — perfect for the fall season. Their jewelry is also very impressive — it’s not all charm bracelets. If you go to the Walmart in Swansea, Mass., they even have a rose gold section.

There are also discount clothing store apps with inexpensive clothes for good value. SHEIN, Zaful, and Romwe are some of the most popular discount clothing store apps. However, shopping via clothing apps can be difficult because you can’t try the clothes and shoes on before you purchase them. Sometimes, you have to guess your size. Though, in some cases, their clothing does run small. Then there’s the frustrating process of trying to return the items that don’t fit. No one wants to go through the inconvenience of mailing them back, but it’s nice to have the option to shop for inexpensive clothes online. 

There’s a stigma with going to discount clothing stores, especially growing up in a time when dressing in expensive clothes was “cool.” However, like all fashion rules, this stigma should be broken. Even Walmart and Savers have cute clothes.