Rita Santos brightens students’ mornings in the on-campus Dunkin’

Britney Dixon, Managing Editor

On-campus students, commuters and staff all have a morning routine. For a great majority of that population, it involves rushing to get ready and get to class on time.

But not without a stop at Dunkin’.

Most people get anxious waiting in lines. In fact, studies show that this makes people feel trapped and like someone is watching them.

The energy in the line at Dunkin’ is different, and maybe that’s because of who is waiting at the end of it: Rita Santos.

While she isn’t the only Dunkin’ staff member, Santos is one of students’ favorites.

“She just makes me happy in the morning,” sophomore Maya Scocozza said.

Santos has been an RWU staff member for the past 20 years. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with people — especially the students. This comes as no surprise since before working at RWU, Rita worked in the city in a customer service position.

Her care for students is undeniable, and many students can recall memories that prove this to be true.

 “One morning I couldn’t even talk. I couldn’t remember my order and she just said it back to me because she already knew it,” sophomore Kaylee DelDebbio said.

Santos gets hundreds of student customers per day and can remember most of their orders, even if they don’t stop by for a while.

Even though she is easiest to find most mornings behind the counter in New Res, Santos’s favorite place to work on campus is the Commons. She can also be found making smoothies at Hawk’s Nest.

According to Santos, if she could be working anywhere other than RWU, she would go back to her previous job, which she loved. But at the end of the day, she would not be able to leave the students she sees every day.

“My favorite part is definitely the kids. I like seeing them and talking to them,” Santos said. “They drive me crazy and I drive them crazy.”