Presents to Purchase this Holiday Season

: Emma Bartlett, Herald Contributor

With Christmas around the corner and finals looming ahead, the idea of buying holiday gifts for family and friends is a remote thought that emerges at the last minute when you’re stuck not knowing what to buy. Instead of waiting until the day before Christmas to go shopping, begin your search now at the University Bookstore which holds a wide range of merchandise anyone would appreciate for a gift.

For any student whose parent loves bragging about him or her, plan to purchase one of the gray Roger Williams “Mom” or “Dad” quarter zip sweatshirts for $54.98. This gear not only promotes the school, but parents will wear them with pride and always think of their child. The gift is also practical since temperatures continue to drop, and nothing is better than bundling up in a new, cozy sweatshirt. For younger siblings or cousins, consider purchasing one of the RWU stuffed animals which includes bears, dogs and sock monkeys. Older siblings may appreciate receiving an RWU water bottle in blue or pink for only $20. A new pair of sweatpants is also a viable option and comes in navy blue and several grays with the RWU logo down the side of the pant leg for $36.98.

The bookstore is also selling winter hats and gloves with the RWU and hawk logo on them for $29.98. If you’re heading home to a warmer state, visit the arrangement of baseball caps for $22.98. These come with different logos including ‘Roger Williams University Mom’ and ‘Roger Williams University.’ If all else fails and you can’t find the perfect gift, check out the ornament section where ceramic snowmen, glass snowflakes and little present boxes can be found.

If you want to do some off-campus Christmas shopping, take a trip to the local stores in Bristol and Newport for unique gifts. For mom, buy a candle, jewelry or gift card to a spa. Dad, on the other hand, may enjoy power tools, a new coffee maker or sports tickets while siblings will enjoy anything wearable or edible.

Taking the time to think about what a loved one wants for Christmas makes a gift more meaningful. Plan to look for presents in advance so you’re not in a frenzy a night or two before Christmas where you end up buying the first thing you see at a store. It’s the thought behind the gift that counts, so make it a good one.