EDITORIAL: What you think v. the truth behind the new athletics bus

Britney Dixon | Managing Editor


All the talk around campus has been about the athletic department’s new bus ever since it rolled up to the Rec Center over a week ago.

In a brief email from John King, all students were invited by Athletic Director Kiki Jacobs to “showcase an exciting new development in Athletics.”

After several complications while working with MDT bus company, it was clear to the athletic department that something had to be done. Since RWU loves working with alumni, Jacobs turned to Fisher Bus Company for this season’s transportation.

Since the unveiling, students have yet to stop complaining about “RWU spending money even though they’re in debt,” or the opposite, RWU not spending money because they’re “too broke.” These phrases are common around campus, no matter what the case is.

For example, this year’s convocation, the blinding white tent was missing. This wasn’t, however, because of the university’s debt. This was because the university decided to stop spending money where it wasn’t necessary. For an hour, the tent would have cost $15,000. On a beautiful day, the coverage was not necessary.

One of any university’s favorite ways to pay for things is through alumni and community donations. Because, of course, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Alumni love to donate. This is not secret.

Given that case, a 2008 alumnus from Fisher Bus Company was excited to have the company pay for the wrap for athletics.

According to Jacobs, everyone in the department wanted the wrap. When negotiating the contract, Fisher agreed to give the wrap for free if the university signed with them.

If spreading rumors around campus about RWU spending money they don’t have makes you feel better, keep at it, but if you don’t want that attached to your name, making uneducated assumptions probably isn’t your best bet.