The actual prices of senior photos

While seniors prepare for graduation and are tying up loose ends, many of them registered and paid to get their photos taken for the yearbook. 

When it came time to scheduling the appointment session, students needed to decide on what package they wanted. There were a variety of options that included different poses and outfit changes. Some had a set price that included a discounted yearbook. But what are the students really getting when they buy a time slot for a photo session?

The cheapest option was $15 for the basic package. According to the description, the session included five head and shoulder poses without receiving proofs.

“These basic traditional poses are acceptable for the Roger Williams University yearbook. Dress is “business formal” – dress as you would to a job interview,” reads the description for the cheapest option.

The most expensive option costs $106 which includes five poses that are deemed acceptable for the yearbook, five additional poses in a graduation cap and gown, and five casual poses. This package also includes a discounted yearbook and proofs.

During the registration process, it does not inform the buyer that prints or digital downloads are not included in the price. After purchasing a multiple-pose package, some students were under the impression that they would have access to the photos at some point after the session.

To get access to the photos — not the proofs — the students had to buy them in print. The most inexpensive option includes eight wallet-sized photos for $60.

The Cum Laude Collection option includes 24 units divided up any way the buyer wants from up to five poses. This package costs $550 and is the most expensive. 

There are smaller options that include four 5×7 photos, four 4×5 photos, and 32 wallet sizes. This option ranges from $209-$243.

Students and families are able to purchase singular printed photos, in a variety of sizes ranging from $65-$225.

A digital download of one unretouched photo from the session costs $275.

The initial price to pay for the session does not include the photos themselves, which some seniors were unaware of at the time of purchase. To view the full price list, visit the Lauren Studios account website.