Your mom sent you how many care packages? Intriguing facts about the Mail Center

RWU’s Mail Center is pictured here in its current location, where it receives and processes 72,000 packages annually.

Gerald Caracciolo

Picture the Financial Aid office in the Administration Building. It is a perfect space for its uses now, but it is hard to imagine trying to process around 72,000 packages each year in such a small space. Back in the 1980s, the Mail Center was situated in the space where Financial Aid currently operates, and was later moved downstairs into the building’s basement.
Because of an increased need for more workspace, the Mail Center was relocated again in 2000. This time to a former building on a site where The Commons sits now. Back then, the building was very small and housed both the Mail Center and Facilities Management. The Mail Center operated there in a space the size of a two-car garage, quickly becoming too small for RWU’s growing needs. Hence, an even larger space was again needed.
In 2006, the Mail Center moved into the current location, which at that time was half its current size. Eleven years later, the Mail Center doubled in size to accommodate the influx of incoming packages to the RWU community. The updated Mail Center now features a large lobby so that customers no longer have to wait outside in the elements. A large loading dock with two garage doors was also added. In addition, the Mail Center currently hosts and operates the university’s copy center.
From its modest beginnings in a garage until now, here are some fascinating facts about the RWU Mail Center:
 It accepts deliveries from United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home, FedEx Express, DHL, Lasership and other courier services.

 The RWU Mail Center receives 72,000 packages annually. Every package must be scanned in to be recorded, as well as scanned out to be delivered and inventoried.

 It receives more than 24,000 student letters/magazines every year, which are placed into student mailboxes. More than 60,000 pieces of mail are received yearly for university departments. This mail is then delivered to every department on campus. (Approximately 70 departments daily).
 The Mail Center has a small staff of two full-time employees, 2 part-time employees and one manager. The tenure of the Mail Center’s employees is 62 years. In addition to its RWU staff, the Mail Center employees over 15 part-time work study students every semester.
Some statistics that may come as a surprise — these are numbers from the past four years relevant to incoming packages delivered to the RWU Mail Center.
 2015 = 59,836
 2016 = 63,591
 2017 = 71,696
 2018 = Projected over 80,000
(Source: NEOPOST Database)
When students step into the Mail Center, they are greeted by its smiling staff and/or work study employees. Many students, former students, parents, faculty and staff sometimes pop in to thank the Mail Center staff for all their hard work. The staff is humbled when they receive tokens of appreciation such as phone calls, cards, high fives and even treats from their customers. These treats have included anything from cookies and donuts to cheesecakes, candy and even beef jerky.
The Mail Center has developed in so many ways and it is a staple part of the university. Next time you visit, you’ll be in the know.