RWU offers brunch, party package to Coast Guard Families

RWU and the Bon Appétit dining staff welcomed members of the Coast Guard and their families with brunch and a Super Bowl party package to take home for the big game.

During the five week-long partial government shutdown, Coast Guard members were not getting paid, impacting their lives and families.

RWU and its food service provider, Bon Appétit Management Company, provided meals for Coast Guards and their families during the shutdown, which ended Jan. 25. The university and the Board of Trustees wanted to keep supporting the families who were impacted by the shutdown. Many of these workers have not received their back pay and could be even more affected by a second shutdown.

Families gathered for brunch in Upper Commons and could place an order to get pizzas, chicken wings and Coca-Cola beverages in additional to a “swag bag” with New England Patriots Super Bowl LIII hats, little foam footballs and football themed cups.

According to John King, vice president of student life, the hats were generously provided through ‘47 Brand with assistance from RWU Trustees. Coca-Cola bottling of Rhode Island helped with Coke and Diet Coke donations while Bob Appétit and RWU dining shared the expense of the food.

“From the positive comments from the student body, they’re very supportive of helping the Coast Guard out,” King said.

King spent the morning handing out the “swag bags” to the families and thanking them for their service.

Many of the families expressed their sincere gratitude for the RWU community. Aleisha and Logan Mooneyham attended the brunch with their two daughters Kenley, 7, and Reece, 5. The Mooneyhams are dedicated Pats fans and the girls left with smiles on their faces with their new Super Bowl hats.

“[The day] was and continues to be just a good day all around,” said Josh Hennessy, café manager for Bon Appétit. “It’s a great thing being able to pay it forward.”