Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’t’s

Sierra Gorkun, Herald Contributor

Have you just noticed the hearts strung throughout Commons and realized it is Valentine’s Day? Was that followed by immediate panic because you never made plans? Well, fear not. Here are some last minute do’s and don’t’s for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a quick list of what not to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day. Avoid one of those huge teddy bears that are the size of a human. Seriously, who has the room for that in their dorm? Oppositely, a ring might only be a good choice if you want to leave your significant other confused for a week until they finally ask you what it means, so try to avoid the “too serious” gifts.

You may be on a college budget, but don’t settle for one of those small boxes of chocolate that only has five pieces. If you’re gonna get someone chocolate, then get them more than five tiny bites. 

Thermal heated gloves, advertised as “Cupid’s Pick” at the CVS in Bristol, makes the eight-foot long receipt you notoriously get not worth the disappointing outcome.

Maybe you had plans to go out. Though, if those plans included going to Victor’s Spoils, (unless this was somehow agreed upon) not many people want to highlight a day meant for romance with sticky shoes, sweaty bodies and ludicrous Uber charges. 

There are a lot of ways to spend this day with someone, and there are plenty of last-minute ideas that hopefully won’t break the bank or your relationship. You can turn your dorm into a movie theater by turning off the lights, plugging in some Christmas lights and gathering all the blankets and pillows into a comfortable setup. Then, have your laptop ready with Netflix. Pro tip: Narrow down movie choices to 3-4 from various genres so that you don’t enter the “I don’t care, what do you want to watch?” loop. If you can make a blanket fort, that’s even better.

If the warm weather continues, pick up some of your favorite snacks either from Lower Commons, the C-Store or CVS and head somewhere to watch the sunset. Colt State Park is always an easy option, but if you’re stuck on campus, bring a makeshift picnic down by the shell path.

One of the simplest options is to make a homemade card. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t an artist or good with your words — just remind them how much they mean to you — little gestures go a long way.

Bristol is filled with local restaurants that you may have never thought of dropping into. Make sure you call ahead first, it’s going to be busy.

If you want to get off campus, head to a movie, trampoline park or bowling. You can even find random fun by heading over to a dollar store and seeing what stuff you can each get with only $5-10.

Grab a bottle of wine, (or preferred beverage if you aren’t of age,) and have an art night. If you don’t have supplies in your dorm, head to Ocean State Job Lot for a selection of cheap and basic art supplies. 

One option that pairs well with the ideas above is ordering Nacho Mamma’s, Domino’s, Chinese food or Pomodoro’s right to your room.

Basically, just try to spend time with the people you love. Whether it be your significant other, best friend or even if you want to take the time to treat yourself. Show them you care and that they matter.