Putting the V in V-Day

By Racy Stacy

Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of expectations — the perfect dinner, the perfect gift, even the perfect outfit, but the best thing we can do is take the pressure off. Even if everything isn’t according to plan, the night can still be a success. I have a few tips of keeping things light to make sure both of you feel comfortable and enjoy V-Day.
Lingerie is nice, but definitely not a must. Sure, it looks really nice and makes us feel great but who wants to pay $70 for an outfit you’re only going to wear for five minutes and may or may not end up getting ripped.
Dip into the food clichés. Whipped cream, strawberries, your favorite wine can all be fun additions to the night. If it’s in a rom-com, chances are you’ll both think it’s pretty funny and take away some jitters — and who knows, maybe you’ll really like it.
For all the singles out there: Galentine’s Day has also arrived. If you don’t have a significant other, just take the night to hang out with your ladies and watch a movie with some good food.
And for the fellas out there, shotgun a beer and hang with the guys. Or be your own Valentine and buy yourself something nice, because you know what, you deserve it.
As always Hawks, be sure to use protection to protect from STIs and pregnancy.