We Are Civic Scholars

The final water dispenser that students built is pictured here in Anconcito, Ecuador.

Senior journalism major Rosalita Helldorfer is spending her third and final year with the RWU Community Partnerships Center as the publications team coordinator.
Helldorfer has been a part of the CPC for three years now, where she first started out as a photographer, videographer, writer and editor. After her first year, she was appointed a leadership role and became the publications team coordinator.
Over the years, Helldorfer worked hard on many projects and events. Her favorite has been the Community Engagement Celebration. This is a biannual event in which all partners, students, faculty and community members can network and showcase the projects they have worked on.
Helldorfer enjoyed working at the CPC because of its laid-back environment. She also appreciates getting to work with likeminded individuals, as well as being involved in community engagement. She hopes to spread awareness of who the CPC is and make it a more widely-recognized institution on campus.
“I think what the CPC does is very unique and very valuable to the Roger Williams community,” said Helldorfer.
Other than being involved with the CPC, Helldorfer has also been involved in other organizations on campus, such as the Society of Professional Journalists, The Hawks’ Herald, Photography Club and the Orientation Program.
As an orientation advisor, Helldorfer endured weeks of training that took place both during the school year and throughout the summer. She enjoyed being an orientation advisor because she was able to help new students transition smoothly into living here at RWU.
“I think it’s a really valuable experience because it helps build leadership skills,” Helldorfer said. “However, in addition to building those skills, I was also getting to welcome new students the same way my orientation advisors welcomed me, and that was the best reward I could have asked for.”
Although Helldorfer will be graduating this spring, she hopes that even after she graduates, the CPC will continue to expand and become more widely-recognized for what they do for both the campus and the Rhode Island community.
When asked about what path she wants to follow after graduating, Helldorfer said she would like to work for National Geographic so that she can continue to serve communities and tell people’s stories around the world.