Spend Saturday mornings at the Mount Hope Farmers Market

Emma Bartlett, Arts & Culture Editor

While most students on Saturday mornings are sleeping in late and shielding their faces from the rising sun, business owners of Mount Hope Farm are setting up their pop-up tents on the south field for a weekly Farmers Market. 

Every Saturday from May to October, the Farmers Market is held outside from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. It is moved into the barn from November until May.

Mount Hope Farm is a neighboring property to RWU and its farmers market is not lacking in produce. Vegetables, fruits and herbs are only a few of the many products for sale. If students are in the mood for seafood, say no more. Come on down and gaze over the vast selection of fresh fish. In addition to this, fresh meat, eggs and bread are also available.

For non-food related products, handmade soaps and lotions are there for purchase. Shoppers can feel free to test any lotions with a ‘try me’ label. One can also buy non-toxic and eco-friendly bed sheets or simply learn more about the company and what has to offer.

If the pastries, popcorn and lemonade at the market don’t tempt students to leave their beds in the morning, note that there is freshly brewed $2 coffee served at the venue. Not to mention, there are animals that shoppers are encouraged to visit. Located by the barnyard are goats, sheep, donkeys and chickens as well as nature trails to walk along.

Not only is the Mount Hope Farmers Market a great way to enjoy fresh produce from the local community, but it’s a fascinating area to explore with friends.

The Mount Hope Farmers Market takes credit and debit cards, so don’t worry about forgetting cash. Be sure, however, to bring bags to carry what any purchases. 

Located on 250 Metacom Ave., Mount Hope Farm is only three minutes from campus. The atmosphere gives a refreshing start to a Saturday morning.