Student ID is the key

A view of the Providence skyline from Providence Place Mall.

Emily Dvareckas, Herald Contributor

RWU has a beautiful campus with lots to do, but sometimes students need to get off campus and explore. Even without a car, students can get out without breaking the bank.


For first-year students, the ID office offers a bus pass that contains 10 rides for only a dollar. This is a steal compared to the two dollar per ride price offered through the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA). With bus stops around a five minute walk away from the dorms, it is easy to catch a ride into Providence.


Once in Providence, getting off at Kennedy Plaza puts students in a great location to explore what the city has to offer. What makes this even better, is that RWU student IDs can enable discounts you may not have thought about before. Students can receive discounts at many stores in the Providence Place mall, which usually come to around 10 to 15% off a purchase.


For those looking for an entertainment factor, the Providence Performing Arts Center offers students about 50% off ticket prices if they arrive two hours early and show IDs. You can also catch a movie at Providence Place Cinemas for a discounted price.


Students looking for a day of relaxation can head over to the Citron Spa and receive 20% off services.


The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum offers free admission for those with a student ID. The venue is home to moving displays, with Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian exhibits and more.


For a lot of students, Rhode Island is their second home, so get off campus and use those student IDs. Students pay a lot of money to go to this school, so don’t let these offers go to waste. Most students forget about their student ID when they go shopping or don’t want to go through the process of finding out if they can use it.


“I haven’t used it in a while, but it’s generally difficult to either know who has a discount and who accepts what university,” senior marine biology major Collin Barker said. “The discounts themselves vary quite widely as well. So overall it’s a bit of a headache and unless it’s a high ticket price or a big purchase, I rarely end up bothering to check.”


The process of using a student ID in public might be cumbersome for some students, but there is no shame in asking store associates if they offer student discounts at the checkout line. On a budget, these discounts really come in handy.