No, Trump has not “saved America”

_Connor Smith_, _Herald Contributor_

President Trump has been in office for three years now and a lot has happened. Whether those things are good or bad may depend on what end of the political spectrum you land on. After reading last week’s op-ed titled “The man who saved America: From exterminating ISIS, balancing trade deals and creating millions of jobs, President Trump is making America great again” in last week’s paper, I have a lot to say about the author’s arguments.

The author starts off by stating how Trump has “set the standard for entrepreneurial success.” If one takes the time to look at Trump’s business history, this couldn’t be further from the truth. John Cassidy’s article in The New Yorker, entitled “As a businessman, Trump was the biggest loser of all,” cites a New York Times investigation of Trump’s tax returns. “In September, 2016, the Times received a copy of part of Trump’s 1995 tax return, which showed that he declared a massive tax loss, of nine hundred and sixteen million dollars. Under tax laws, business owners are allowed to carry losses into subsequent years and offset them against income. Trump’s loss was so huge in 1995, the Times noted, that it ‘could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years.” Not only that, an article in The Washington Post by Jared A. McDonald, David Karol and Lilliana Mason states that he inherited $413 million from his father. He has also had many businesses go bankrupt over the years including a casino — yes, a casino. There is much more here but I believe this proves he is not a good businessman.

Zarrella also stated in his article that Trump has jump-started the economy and is not a racist because of it. He mentions how the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been for minorities and that the stock market is good. Just because the unemployment rate and the stock market are good does not mean that the rest of the economy is great. According to Heather Long in her article “The Trump vs. Obama economy – 15 charts” in The Washington Post, “Government debt and the trade deficit are climbing (while most economists don’t worry about the rising trade deficit, Trump made it a central part of his 2016 election campaign), and business investment is faltering as corporate leaders say they are wary of Trump’s trade war. The number of Americans lacking health insurance is also ticking up slightly.” Not to mention that the economy was recovering very well after the recession under Obama already.

Another piece of misinformation was the statement that ISIS was defeated. This is just not true. Even Lindsey Graham, one of Trump’s biggest defenders, called him out on this and said that is not true, according to a Bloombergarticlewritten by Jennifer A. Dlouhy and Glen Carey. “ISIS is not defeated, my friend. The biggest lie being told by the administration is that ISIS is defeated,” Graham said. Not to mention that the Kurds had many fighters imprisoned until Trump decided to abandon them and now they can escape.

Another topic brought up was the Iran deal where Zarrella stated that Trump removed us from the Iran Nuclear Deal for good reason. The Iran Nuclear Deal was an excellent deal that lifted crippling sanctions on Iran and stopped their ability to develop nuclear weapons. According to the International Atomic Energy Association, Iran was complying with the deal and was even continuing to comply until recently when Trump continued to threaten them with war. Trump has made us more unsafe by taking us out of this deal.

As one can see, many of the things Trump has done have not been positive. He has made us unsafe and a laughing stock on the world stage. He has spread misinformation and his supporters have taken it at face value, as the article I’m responding to has proved.