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Slow down?

By _Keith Millahn-Lewis_ / _Herald Contributor_

October 10, 2019

Speed limits. They are one of those annoying things you know you should follow or you will regret it. Just like eating vegetables or exercising, there are plenty of people who would much rather not, although the possible conse...

Should we be required to stand for the national anthem?

By _Jade Beausoleil_ / _Herald Contributor_

October 10, 2019

College DemocratThe First Amendment of the Constitution grants the rights to free expression and speech. This gives one the ability to peacefully assemble, protest and speak critically of the government. This means that the right to not stand for the national anthem is protected under the First Amendment.This debate sparks from former NFL player Colin Kaepernick's decision to kneel for the national anthem before his games. He cited police brutality, oppression of people of color and the presidential candidates at the time as reasoning to why he decided to kneel. Many people attacked him for this as they believed he was disrespecting the military. Kaepernick responded by saying those who are dying overseas are dying in vain, as the U.S. is not holding up its end of the bargain.  The idea that one is disrespecting the troops by not standing for the national anthem is false. A national anthem, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is “a solemn patriotic song officially adopted by a country as an expression of national identity." “The Star Spangled Banner” is a poem, written by Francis Scott Key after he witnessed our flag still standing following a British bombardment of Fort McHenry. It is about our history and struggle for freedom, not the troops.What Kaepernick was trying to do was bring attention to important issues, which he did. I don't believe there is much that's more patriotic than wanting to improve one's country, whether you join the military or start a social justice movement.  This country is not perfect. We do have a police brutality problem in this country that needs attention, as well as many other issues. The best part about this country is that we have the right to protest and speak out against things like this that need to be fixed.  If you believe one should have to stand for the national anthem, then you have that right. But know that stance does not represent the value of freedom in this country. 

Robert De Niro drops an F-bomb on CNN: Was it justified?

By _Luke Brennan_ / _Herald Contributor_

October 10, 2019

Last week, world renowned actor Robert De Niro appeared on CNN to discuss Fox News’ biased coverage of President Trump. The interview took a dramatic turn when De Niro was asked about Fox News’ criticism of him. The film icon ...

Does age matter?

October 10, 2019

Our early twenties can be a scary and confusing time in our lives. At this age, some of our friends are getting married and having babies, some of them are starting their first real job and some of them can’t figure out how ...

The rave of necessary body positivism and self-love

By_April Federico_/_Herald Contributor_

October 3, 2019

Scrolling through my Instagram feed this past summer, I came across an ad for the new InStyle Magazine spokeswoman Jameela Jamil. In the promotion for the magazine, the British-born English teacher turned radio host and body...

Power ranking America’s favorite chicken sandwiches

By_Epke Paquette_/_Sports Manager_

October 3, 2019

When Popeyes debuted their now-famous fried chicken sandwich on August 12, America went crazy for it like a new Travis Scott album. The sandwich immediately took over social media, being praised as the best chicken sandwich of...

Matchmaker: Music Edition

October 3, 2019

I can confidently say that music is a huge aspect of each and every one of our lives... and so is sex. What a coincidence. We spend a large part of our day with our earbuds in or speakers blasting as we listen to the sounds of our ...

Why impeachment matters: Whether the Senate convicts or not, it is vital to uphold our country’s laws

By_Noah Ashe_/_Herald Contributor_

October 3, 2019

After months of stonewalling her fellow Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has finally embraced growing calls from her party to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry into questionably illegal actions by President Trump reg...

The juicy gossip about the new drinks in Commons

By_Jayda Ragas_/_Opinions Editor_

September 26, 2019

If you were on campus last year, chances are you knew about the whole switching over from Coca-Cola products to Pepsi ordeal. It seemed like such an unnecessary hassle to me when I first heard about it at the end of the year. ...

A trashy beach

By_Keith Lewis-Millahn/_Herald Contributor_

September 26, 2019

RWU is arguably one of the most beautiful campuses on the East Coast. Living here, you are never more than a few minutes’ walk from one beach or another. There is always a sense of joy that most students here seem to share as a re...

Virginity: Lost. Stacy: Racy

September 26, 2019

SEX. Getting lucky. Doing the dirty. There are many firsts in our lives, but only one really worth discussing. Losing your virginity. I think we can all agree it isn’t like it’s made up to be. There probably weren’t rose...

Crush it with your new class crush

By_Racy Stacy_/_Herald Contributor_

September 20, 2019

Hello Hawks! The time has finally come, amongst other things. Welcome to the season of class crushes! By now, you are starting to settle into your different classes and workload. But most importantly, you are in the process of ...

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