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Breakfast hours editorial

March 30, 2017

Jen CampisiFeatures EditorEggs, bacon, grits, sausage…but only until 11 a.m.Many students have cried out for continuous service for breakfast and discussed a proposal for a breakfast extension. On weekdays, breakfast is served i...

Presidents Trump’s war on the media: Defying power with facts

March 2, 2017

Kyle GravelHerald ContributorThe controversial presidency of Donald J. Trump has continued to transpire and evolve over the past few weeks. With the banishment of multiple media outlets by President Trump and the up and coming r...

Editorial: The Five-Course Core

March 2, 2017

Jacquelyn VoghelManaging EditorThe Five-Course Interdisciplinary Core: Practically all Roger Williams students hear about it before they make their college decision, and at a liberal arts university such as RWU, it should come as n...

​​Democratic Socialism: The final frontier for American economics and human morals

February 23, 2017

Kyle GravelHerald ContributorSocialism, the verbal swear of grade school, has been blamed for everything from Hitler in Nazi Germany to Stalin in the Communist U.S.S.R., though neither example represents the true capabilities...

“Stay the heck away from me”: How to avoid the Norovirus

February 23, 2017

Kelsey RogersCreative DirectorWe have all heard it. The conversation that starts with “I was sick last night” and leads to a mass exodus of humans within five feet of the contagion in question. Alright, maybe that’s jus...

Editorial: Accessible Campus

February 4, 2017

Rebecca ProulxWeb CoordinatorAs a campus that strives to accept academic excellence from all people, accessibility to accommodate those of all physical abilities should be at the utmost importance to Roger Williams. It is easy when you...

Editorial: Feeling blue after a red election

November 9, 2016

Kelsey Rogers / Arts & Culture EditorPulse...Check. Deep breath, we survived. It has been a long road, and we can all can begin the grieving process, regardless of which candidate you supported in this historic Presidential ...

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