Does what you wear under there matter?

Lingerie can be tight, sheer, flowy, strappy — really whatever you want it to be. But it will always be sexy… because you’re the one wearing it. At least you were wearing it at one point and now it’s on the floor. But in that case, I believe it has done its job. Lingerie can bring a lot of positives, but it can be a bit pricey, and we are all ballin’ on a college budget. So, is it worth it?

Does what you wear under there matter? Here are some students’ opinions:

“Knowing that you have cute underwear on gives you a confidence boost.”

“I wear what makes me feel comfortable, but I have bought lace just in case.”

“No cause it’s coming off anyways.”

“Men should always wear lingerie.”

“I think it is all situational as to if a girl should/shouldn’t put in the effort and money into lingerie. For example, if you know you’re going to be seeing an individual and want to leave a lasting impression (and maybe have intentions of going for a relationship rather than friends with benefits) then I would say go for it with the lingerie. But if you’ve been with someone for a while or have been seeing someone for a bit, then I think it’s totally okay to just stick with a matching set of bra and underwear. It’s still sexy nonetheless, and not for nothing but lingerie doesn’t last long in the bedroom anyways. Maybe stays on for 25-30 seconds if that… would rather spend $50 on nuggets than lingerie.”

That last sentence is a mood. But you should always wear something that makes you feel comfortable, whether it’s a strappy black set you bought at Victoria’s Secret or the underwear you wear everyday. Or nothing if that’s your thing. You are sexy no matter what.


Racy Stacy